Agility in Mind is a business agility transformation consultancy.  We help organisations around the globe address the threats and opportunities that today’s competitive world brings. Agile principles and practices are used as an enabler for change. We help our clients achieve business agility transformation through our services which include agile transformationagile coaching and agile training.

Our goal is to achieve greater business agility, providing our clients with competitive advantage and improved commercial performance, which is dependent upon the effectiveness of individuals and teams in the organisation. As the leading business agility consultancy we advise, coach and train people at all levels in the client organisation, from board level to development team, and we don’t shy away from the messages we need to deliver to effect change. We exist to help our clients shift their culture and outpace their competitors.

Our aim at the beginning of any engagement is to build capability within the client team, to avoid dependencies upon us, and create a culture of continuous improvement. What makes us different is our commitment not to land and expand but to focus upon people and teams and build their confidence to take ownership. Our business agility consultancy team are knowledgeable and experienced practitioners who like to see change happen.

Global customers

A global business agility consultancy

We  have great relationships with our customers – from large programmes of for business agility transformation with multinational organisations to small disruptive teams leading the change. We deliver consulting, coaching and training to teams and individuals all around the world.

About Our Values

  • Doing the right things for the right reasons
  • Respect for individuals and organisations
  • Working collaboratively to find a better way
  • Focus on getting products delivered
  • Honesty and integrity, based on trust and transparency

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