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how can you celebrate neurodiversity within the workplace?

In this episode, we explore exactly what it means to be neurodivergent. We also dive into what Agility in Mind research shows about the representation and inclusion of neurodivergent individuals in the workplace. Lastly, we also explore how managers can support neurodivergent workers even if they are working remotely.

Published on 26th October, 2022
HR Review
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Q&A: How can UK firms continue to grow through adversity?

Business Chief talks to Andrew Jones, CEO of Agility in Mind about the challenges leaders face in the UK over the next six months and how to address them

Published on 25th October, 2022
Business Chief
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Leaders overestimate the DEI performance of their company

Leaders overestimate the DEI performance of their company

Business leaders tend to overestimating the performance of their company on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), writes Michelle Meakin, Business Services Director at agile management consultancy, Agility in Mind.

Published on 16th August 2022
Consultancy UK
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Six steps to enacting inclusivity: an agile framework for achieving a more diverse and equitable business

Andrew Jones, CEO of business agility transformation consultancy Agility in Mind, discusses why enacting inclusivity requires an incremental approach to change and advises where you can start to realise true inclusion

Published on 29th June 2022
The People Space
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Only 4% of FTSE 100 firms have neurodiversity initiatives – here’s why it’s telling

In stark comparison, 47% of FTSE 100 firms offer LGBTQ+ empowerment initiatives. Experts warn employers that it represents a culture that is not inclusive of disabled peopl

Published on 12th July, 2022
Management Today
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we are tech women

Why social and inclusive environments are key to building a culture of innovation

Current market conditions have exposed the importance of innovation and the digital journey, but also opened up the need for inclusion and the role of people in building this culture

Published on 5th July, 2022
We are Tech Women
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Pinsent Masons

Disability initiatives lacking in FTSE 100, study shows

Amy Hextell joins Joe Glavin from HRNews to discuss the failings in relation to disability initiatives in the FTSE 100 found be Agility in Mind report.

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Published on 12th July, 2022
Pinsent Masons
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FTS100 overlook neurodiversity and disability area of diversity

Business Services Director, Michelle Meakin discusses how businesses can improve inclusivity.

Published on 22nd June 2022
Talint International
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Disability Initiatives are only held by a minority of FTSE100 Companies

An audit of the FTSE100 finds that neurodiversity and disability are the most overlooked areas of diversity when it comes to recruitment and employee support.

Published on June 22nd 2022
HR Review
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