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It’s all about people: matching the aspirations and skills of unique individuals with the opportunities to make a difference to our client organisations – we exist to help our clients shift their culture and outpace their competitors. At the heart of Agility in Mind is the belief that we are most effective and rewarded when we collaborate in teams, which are made up of people with their special skills, strengths and, of course weaknesses. There’s never a defined hole which we need someone to fit, but we are always on the lookout for people who want to excel and shape opportunities to fit their unique profile.

If one of our vacancies could be you, then let us know by completing the simple application on the vacancy page. At this stage all we will be asking for is:

  • In 300 words, what attracts you to join the team and what do you have to offer?
  • A link to your professional profile, on LinkedIn or similar.

Your application will be evaluated and we’ll provide fast feedback. It will take a bit of time and investment to get to know each other, so we’ll have a few steps to go through. But, as you’d expect, we’ll keep it as lean as possible and not ask for too much at each stage.

Agility In Mind is committed to our diversity and inclusion charter. If there is anything you need to help this process be more inclusive for you please let us know at any stage of the process.

We would also like to make you aware of our privacy policy.

Recruitment agencies: we respect the fact that you have your role and bring value when needed. For these vacancies, unless we’ve already spoken with you, please don’t contact us, as it will only preclude you from working with us in the future. Thanks.

Current Vacancies:

We’re looking for people who can help to fill the current opportunities:

Agile Coach

At Agility in Mind we believe in helping organisations, teams and individuals improve their delivery of long term value - using agile principles and practices as an enabler for change. It’s not about getting agile right but helping people make change with confidence.

Public Training Courses

Building confidence in new ways of working and inspiring change


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