Agility in Mind is a business agility transformation company.

We’re looking for permanent agile coaches, consultants and trainers who want to help a wide variety of organisations move from traditional ways of working to survive and grow as agile organisations.

Consulting with Agility in Mind

At Agility in Mind we believe in helping organisations, teams and individuals improve their delivery of long term value – using agile principles and practices as an enabler for change.

The majority of our coaching engagements follow a simple model:

  • Discovery – finding out what the clients issues are and formulating a roadmap.
  • High impact training – ensuring everyone understands the basics and has a common vocabulary.
  • Putting it into practice – using a combination of tools, such as workshops, coaching, leading by example, and mentoring, we help teams put their skills into practice.

Ultimately, we’re aiming to take the client on a journey to become self-sufficient so they can continue to drive improvements and adoption without dependence on a long term consultant.

There is no such thing as a typical week at Agility in Mind. One day you might find yourself delivering a business agility course to an executive team, the next leading a portfolio prioritisation workshop for a blue chip organisation. One thing is certain, there’s plenty of variety. We have a healthy internal culture of sharing lessons learnt and new ideas through our quarterly team days and regular meet-ups.

What makes you an Agility in Mind Consultant?

  • You have developed and delivered high impact change projects and understand how people adopt new ways of working.
  • You’re just as confident talking product visions with product managers as talking about time to market with the c-suite.
  • You look to continuously improve your expertise, knowledge and skills.
  • Receiving feedback is just as important to you as giving it.


To apply, fill out the form below using our guidance notes to help:

  • 300 words that tells us what attracts you to join the team and what you have to offer.
  • A link to your professional profile, on LinkedIn or similar.

Application for Business Agility Consultant

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