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Getting recognition

We know how important it is to receive recognition for knowledge gained through training, including agile certification. So, to formally recognise the training we deliver we created Open Badges of our own.

Ears our Open BadgesLearning happens everywhere and not just in the classroom. It’s often difficult, though, to get recognition for skills and achievements that happen outside of formal education. Mozilla’s Open Badges project is working to solve that problem, therefore, making it easy for anyone to issue, earn and display badges across the web through a shared technical infrastructure.

How it works

It’s a very easy process which will help you to get your achievements online and visible as quickly as possible.

  1. Earn – earn Agility in Mind Open Badges for skills you learn online and in person.
  2. Display – share your agile certification badges as verifiable records of your learning (on websites and through social media).  As a result, you can showcase your achievements – turning them into a valuable currency to unlock new opportunities.
  3. Verify – because only authenticated Open Badges are used as records of achievement, Open Badges represent legitimate, authenticated achievements, described within the badge and linked to the awarding organisation.

Open Badges - process
Badgr logo - agile certification

Store, manage and share your agile certifications using Badgr

We have teamed up with Badgr – a free and open source achievement recognition and tracking system used to issue, organise and share our Open Badges. Badgr sends an email to delegates, automatically, so that they have their attendance confirmed. The email includes a link to the certification badge, so you can save this image and store it wherever you keep your Open Digital badges. We suggest using Badgr, but wherever you take it, portable information about your achievement are locked inside. Delegates import Open Badges into Badgr hence building a unified collection of accomplishments, no matter where Open Badges were earned.

Use Badgr’s backpack service to store badges, organise them into collections, and share them via blogs, email, and social media. For more information, see Badgr knowledgebase.

Get certified!

Badges awarded for completing Agility in Mind training provide you with meaningful credentials that directly represent the skills and experiences employers are looking for. Therefore, turn badges you’ve earned into valuable opportunities, jobs, and new collaborations.

Certification - Effective Product OwnerCertification - Agile Product Management MasterclassCertification - Agile Business AnalysisCertification - JIRA for Agile Teams  Certification - Introduction to Scrum Certification - Effective use of Kanban Certification - Introduction to Agile Certification - Sales KanbanCertification - Putting Scrum into ActionCertification - Business AgilityCertification - BDD Certification - BDD Online

Past delegates looking for agile certification badges

So, if you have attended one of our training courses and have not received a badge, please get in touch and we will verify and issue.

Get in touch

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    About Open Badges

    Finally, Open Badges communicate skills and achievements by providing visual symbols of accomplishments packed with verifiable data and evidence shared across the web. Open Badges empower individuals to take their learning with them, wherever they go, therefore building a rich picture of their lifelong learning journey.

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