On this page you will find a set of useful agile factsheets which can be useful in many situations. You can download any one of them by clicking on a chosen image. If you can’t find what you need then you could visit our Frequent Agile Questions.

Factsheets for Scrum and Agile Roles

Scrum Master Factsheet

Scrum master factsheet

Product Owner Factsheet

Product owner factsheet

Development Team Factsheet

Agile development team factsheet

Factsheets for Scrum and Agile Events

Sprint Review Factsheet

Sprint review factsheet

Sprint Planning Factsheet

Sprint planning factsheet

Retrospective Factsheet

Retrospective factsheet

Daily Scrum Factsheet

Daily scrum factsheet

Factsheets for Scrum and agile artefacts

Product Backlog Factsheet

Product backlog factsheet

Sprint Backlog Factsheet

Sprint Backlog Factsheet

Product Increment Factsheet

Product Increment

Factsheets for Other Agile Related Subjects

Business Analyst Factsheet

Business Analyst factsheet

Architect Factsheet

Agile architect factsheet

7 Wastes of Software Development Factsheet

7 wastes of software development factsheet 

Scrum Values Factsheet

Scrum Values factsheet

Guilds Factsheet

Guilds factsheet

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