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We work with ambitious leaders who have the self awareness to realise the small investment in skills at the top is a force-multiplier for unleashing huge potential throughout the organisation.

Leading Agile Organisations

We work with leadership teams, executives and boards to help ambitious organisations grow, improve or untangle themselves from a difficult period.

We’re leaders ourselves and know how tough it is at the top, so we don’t lecture with dry theory or meaningless abstract principles. We partner with you and your top team to sharpen your skills, change your culture and outpace your competitors. There’s no set format as every organisation, team and individual is different and the problem you’re trying to solve is unique.

Financial Times, Oracle Corporation, TES, Mr & Mrs Smith and Irwin Mitchell amongst others have all benefitted from working with us to lead their top talent better. We’re confident we can help your organisation lead in a better way too.


  • Refreshed foundations for growth
  • Simpler decision making
  • More alignment, less confusion
  • Sustainable impact
  • More leading, less managing

What the clients think

With a largely new leadership team in a long established business, we needed to come together to lay the foundations for the future. Having begun a process of transforming our business and moving its culture forward to align with our wider strategy, Agility in Mind helped the leadership team with real practical tools and techniques that we can implement day to day.  This included challenging how we think, reflecting on how we lead and improving the way we collaborate across the entire business.  As we implement what we’ve all signed up to, we’re continuing to work closely with Agility in Mind, to ensure that we reflect on and assess how we progress, but importantly how we drive a similar approach throughout the business, and to ultimately ensure that TES stays a step ahead of its competitors.

– Rod Williams, CEO, TES.

Rod Williams- Executives training

Leading Agile Teams

Leading teams is a tough gig. Those on your team need refreshing, inspiring, effective leadership and those above you want impact, results… maybe even miracles! We’re the experts at leading teams in agile environments, we’ve been there, felt the pressure and the frustration as well as the satisfaction and exhilaration when it goes well.

We developed the leading agile teams workshop to make sure we were able to up-skill those in this tough role with new methods and approaches to what are often common problems. We’re a critical friend – we’ve got your back, but don’t shy away from holding the mirror up.

Those that have joined us on this series of tailored workshops have been able to apply the practical new tools quickly so they can get results. They’ve learned how to manage difficult stakeholders, managers and execs and get the most of their direct teams. The results? New skills, greater confidence, a more satisfying role.


  • Using agile for competitive advantage
  • Leading continuous improvement
  • Influencing technical excellence
  • Growing a team
  • Establishing purpose

What the clients think

Agility in Mind showed us new ways of thinking and practical ways of leading our entire team through a tough and rapidly changing business environment. We’re now approaching challenges and cross-departmental initiatives in new ways and making faster, clearer decisions as a result.

– Tamara Lohan, MBE. CEO at Mr & Mrs Smith.

Tamara Lohan- Leaders-training

PAL-E Training

The certified Professional Agile Leadership Essentials course is aimed at anyone in a leadership role who wants to develop agility for competitive advantage. The workshop-style course is scheduled regularly as a two day public class, and can also be delivered privately with an option to split over five weekly sessions.

The workshop takes the perspective of a department or division within an organisation, and allows delegates to explore a range of characteristics that a leader can have an impact on. Techniques learned will be applied to a range of scenarios, allowing leaders to discuss how they would respond.

Attendees of the PAL-E class will have the opportunity to take the PAL-I assessment, leading to an industry-recognised certification.


  • Why agile matters to organisations
  • How to develop people
  • Measuring the performance and competitive advantage of agility
  • The role leaders play in growing agility
  • How to overcome the challenges faced by agile leaders

What the clients think

Adoption of a truly agile approach across an enterprise leadership team with a global reach and geographically spread and very large development team was a daunting challenge. Agility in Mind tailored workshops and executive coaching to our needs leading us to level set our understanding across leaders and their teams, improve the models how we partner across our product management, development, UX Cloud and product marketing teams. While Agile is like continuous improvement – what gets measured gets managed and there’s always room for improvement – having a leadership level set on why Agile and how to be Agile is a pivotal foundation I would encourage all senior leaders to adopt.

– Roz Buick, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Product & Development at Oracle

Roz Buick- Pal-e-leadership training

Public Training Courses

Building confidence in new ways of working and inspiring change


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