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Welcome to our Agility in Mind podcast. Our industry-leading consultants will be discussing everything from agile topics to product questions. We will be joined by business leaders sharing their experiences, discussing real agile stories for learning and future success.

UK tech product professional hiring market

Ed Scotcher talks to Tech Product expert Niko Vijayaratnam about the current state of the UK tech product professional hiring market, tips for standing out from the crowd in an interview and what the future looks like for tech product professionals - it looks good!

FinTech, innovation and leaders who get in the way

Fred tells the story of how he helped Nigeria's first digital bank get up and running, including guerrilla testing, creating a sense of urgency and the drive and passion needed to get product delivered.

Keeping Strategy Alive in Uncertain Times

Edward Scotcher talks with Damien O'Conner a seasoned Tech delivery lead about responding to change, keeping a strategy alive in uncertain times and better ways of seeking and developing the best in your teams.

How a global supermarket responds to world wide pandemic

Edward Scotcher talks with Katie who is a lead product owner in a global supermarket, regarding Covid-19 and how it has had an impact in the grocery business and how they had to adapt quickly to adjust.

Ep. 2: Agile Thinking

Andrew Jones talks to Toby Mildon about Agility in Mind, the company he founded ten years ago to help companies apply the Agile manifesto principles. Andrew discusses how Agile principles benefit organisations, by bringing people and their diverse perspectives together to work on shared goals.

Jess Brock joins Dunc Evans to discuss US venture

Jess Brock joins Dunc Evans discussing her story about how she joined Agility in Mind and her new role to support Agility in Mind US Venture.

How Agility in Mind developed their DEI Charter

Toby spoke to an existing client, Michelle Meakin, Business Services Director at Agility in Mind. We covered the organisation’s approach to developing a DEI charter and bringing those values to life every day.

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