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How taking a STATIK approach can unlock agility

In its simplest form, STATIK is the process of mapping out everything that needs to happen to allow a business to do its thing. There is a process to follow, …

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The need for Agile Leadership

What is a TUNA environment? 
The world is increasingly described as a TUNA environment – Turbulent, Uncertain, Novel, and Ambiguous. From Covid to geopolitical instability and supply chain fragility, organisations …

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Boosting productivity in challenging times

Boosting productivity in challenging times
The economic climate is challenging. Covid recovery, Brexit, energy crisis, disrupted supply chains, rising inflation and interest rates, the list goes on and on. It …

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Building a Cross-Functional Team

The original approach was that the developers completed tasks and then passed them onto the QA engineers who then tested and performed releases. Whilst this approach worked overall there …

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How to Retain your employees

The year 2021 saw the rise of ‘The great resignation’. Since the pandemic, thousands of people have chosen to leave their jobs for a more flexible work-life balance. This has …

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Autism Acceptance Week

Diversity is about everyone, within our team, and outside our team and we want to celebrate the unique characteristics of each of us; it’s our differences that make us stronger.
Agility in …

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Agile coaches reading list spring 2022

Suggestions from Dave Leach
Mark Jarvis – Uncle bob builds a boat
A tale about life and ambition. In the story, they dream of building a boat and winning races. …

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Creating our Diversity Charter

Team day – the seeding of the idea
At the end of year team day (2021), Agility in Mind reviewed the financial year and took the time to create a …

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Meet the team at agility in mind

Name: Jess Edwards
Role: Marketing Manager
The Journey with Agility in Mind
I joined Agility in Mind in 2019 as the Marketing and Admin assistant. I applied for a part-time …

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New Product Owner Recommended Reading

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New Scrum Master Recommended Reading

Below is a list of 11 essential books you should have in your scrum library and why Paul thinks they are crucial to any new scrum master.

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Meet our latest Agile Coach!

Name:  Ilektra Kanaki       
Job Title: Agile Coach

1.      Tell us about yourself
I grew up in Athens, Greece, and moved to the UK 11 years ago after completing …

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