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Driving change in 2020 – Q&A with our CEO

Can you tell readers about your company and what you do?
Agility in Mind helps organisations improve the way people work together to deliver first class services and products for …

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Why I chose to work for Agility in Mind

Why did you choose to apply for a role at Agility in Mind?
I had referenced Agility in Mind FAQ’s and case studies for some years and always found them …

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Recruitment – we got this

1. Let’s get to know a bit about you
As many organisations do, we have a page dedicated to recruitment.   It tells the reader a bit about what we are …

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Ask a Consultant: QAs in Scrum

I thought this question from a recent Professional Scrum Master delegate highlighted some common issues facing Scrum teams. I’ve reproduced the question with their permission, and answered below.
Hi Duncan,
I took …

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Agile coaches reading list fall 2019

Suggestions from Ed Scotcher
“Invisible Women” – Caroline Criado Cortez
A book all about the gender data gap. The default human has become male – and many things are designed around men, …

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Checklists Save Lives

For many years when teaching these concepts, we have compared this practice to the Surgical Safety Checklist advocated by the World Health Organisation. This was established as a sanity check …

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Who should interview a scrum master?

Am I a bad interviewer?
Despite my attempts and desire to be a good and fair interviewer no doubt my judgement can be clouded by bias. Several different cognitive biases …

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I’m a product owner not a feature owner

“The Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product resulting from the work of the Development Team.”
The intent behind agile frameworks such as Scrum is …

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How to visualise an agile programme

Visualise an agile programme
The approach I am advocating is suited to when you want to look at a single agile programme. It allows the programme to be managed in …

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How to start an agile product delivery

When they told the whole story of how they got off track, it seemed totally avoidable. If anything, it was simply down to a lack of preparation. They were so …

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Scrum vs Kanban – there’s no big difference

Are you part of the Scrum vs Kanban debate? Now, as an attendee of these conferences and an enthusiastic participant in discussions on pull systems; time boxes; empirical process control; …

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Do you own your product?

1. Your developers define the order the work is done irrespective of value
2. You’re not sure what’s in the backlog because your BA did all …

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