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Culture eats strategy for breakfast. So, what’s your team eating?

“Flatland”, a novella by Edwin Abbott Abbott, describes a world that exists in 2 dimensions. The male inhabitants of this world are polygons while the females are a single line. …

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Line Management is not “Agile”

Well, maybe. On the other hand, having someone relatively experienced and influential on your side, to help shape your career and keep you off the annual redundancies list might actually …

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Where to start with Agile Programme Management?

The phases of a traditional programme are:

Programme Identification.
Programme Definition.
Programme Execution.
Benefits Realisation.

In the traditional model the benefits realisation phase is the last phase, after …

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How to help your agile teams find the better way

The hardest teams to coach to success often are those that have a pretty rigid, established view of what ‘agile’ either is or isn’t. This is pretty understandable and there …

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Don’t give up on remote teams!

How it all too often is…
I’ve worked on/coached/observed remote agile teams for over ten years now, from India to Finland, Israel to Japan. Whatever the makeup of the team, …

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Why is Innovation and Entrepreneurship important?

Harry Warner was not ignorant when he offered that advice, he was an expert in his industry, but he failed to recognise that he needed to “jump to the next …

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Three things that make a daily scrum a waste of time

The trouble is that in the real world, there is an awful lot that can get in the way of this self-organised utopia. We regularly work with teams that see …

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How to create the perfect size team

The Surgery Team (approx. 6)
In an operating room there are several key players. Each essential to the successful outcome of patient care:

Resident Surgeon
Scrub tech

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Secret Santa’s agile Christmas reading list


Agile Christmas reading list: Book 1
One Mission: How Leaders Build A Team Of Teams by Chris Fussell and Charles Goodyear. Building on from the “Team of teams” recommendation from …

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Scrum is often a waste of money


This is not free: taking a whole team away from their work for several hours a month is an overhead. The Scrum framework caps the time allocated to …

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Good scrum master versus bad scrum master

Good scrum masters have a deep understanding of Scrum and operate from a strong basis of confidence and knowledge. They are responsible for the successful implementation of Scrum within their …

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Seven top delegation tips for business leaders

Success, whilst hard won, isn’t guaranteed to stay. Successful businesses often grow quickly, with lines of communication getting more and more complex. The original team is joined by new …

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