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Growth mindset: becoming a learning organisation

Since then I have seen Microsoft’s Tony Reeves give a fantastic talk on the subject at an innovation summit where we were both headline speakers. After Tony and I had …

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GDPR: What will happen next?

This has already had one noticeable effect: a dramatic increase in emails from companies ranging from the amateur sports club you play for, to the online garden furniture specialist you …

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How to Innovate

Innovation is not just about new technology, although it can be. Digital innovation can be about leveraging new or existing technology, it can be about making the process lean or …

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Team Formation Tips

Diana Larsen (author of Liftoff: Launching Agile Teams and Projects) suggests that for a group of people to come together as a team they need to:

Understand what they …

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Introduction to Change Management

I usually apply change management during “Agile Transformation”. Anywhere something needs to happen differently can benefit from change management.
There are a lot of change management models. I will be …

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Getting to ‘no’ – better products through disagreement

Great product teams have a growth mindset
I would go so far as to say in many cases teams with the best cultures make better products than the teams of …

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast. So, what’s your team eating?

“Flatland”, a novella by Edwin Abbott Abbott, describes a world that exists in 2 dimensions. The male inhabitants of this world are polygons while the females are a single line. …

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Line Management is not “Agile”

Well, maybe. On the other hand, having someone relatively experienced and influential on your side, to help shape your career and keep you off the annual redundancies list might actually …

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Where to start with Agile Programme Management?

The phases of a traditional programme are:

Programme Identification.
Programme Definition.
Programme Execution.
Benefits Realisation.

In the traditional model the benefits realisation phase is the last phase, after …

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How to help your agile teams find the better way

The hardest teams to coach to success often are those that have a pretty rigid, established view of what ‘agile’ either is or isn’t. This is pretty understandable and there …

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Don’t give up on remote teams!

How it all too often is…
I’ve worked on/coached/observed remote agile teams for over ten years now, from India to Finland, Israel to Japan. Whatever the makeup of the team, …

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Why is Innovation and Entrepreneurship important?

Harry Warner was not ignorant when he offered that advice, he was an expert in his industry, but he failed to recognise that he needed to “jump to the next …

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