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How to visualise an agile programme

Visualise an agile programme
The approach I am advocating is suited to when you want to look at a single agile programme. It allows the programme to be managed in …

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How to start an agile product delivery

When they told the whole story of how they got off track, it seemed totally avoidable. If anything, it was simply down to a lack of preparation. They were so …

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Scrum vs Kanban – there’s no big difference

Are you part of the Scrum vs Kanban debate? Now, as an attendee of these conferences and an enthusiastic participant in discussions on pull systems; time boxes; empirical process control; …

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Do you own your product?

1. Your developers define the order the work is done irrespective of value
2. You’re not sure what’s in the backlog because your BA did all …

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Dealing with unfinished work in Scrum

Claim some of the points? I generally don’t encourage teams to try and take partial credit for unfinished work. If it’s done in the current Sprint, then claim the points …

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Self organising teams at The Times

Rather than dictate to the teams the PLT agreed they wanted to develop a culture of ownership.  The hypothesis was: if the teams have some stake in defining the work …

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Agile Objectives

Agile objectives are best if they describe the intention of the functionality of the system rather than prescribing a specific technical approach. For example, rather than the objective describing the …

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5 Tools for Building Trust

Teams that lack trust waste time and energy by engaging on political behaviour that reduces the likelihood of the team achieving their goals.
One of the activities spoken about in …

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Growth mindset: becoming a learning organisation

Since then I have seen Microsoft’s Tony Reeves give a fantastic talk on the subject at an innovation summit where we were both headline speakers. After Tony and I had …

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GDPR: What will happen next?

This has already had one noticeable effect: a dramatic increase in emails from companies ranging from the amateur sports club you play for, to the online garden furniture specialist you …

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How to Innovate

Innovation is not just about new technology, although it can be. Digital innovation can be about leveraging new or existing technology, it can be about making the process lean or …

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Team Formation Tips

Diana Larsen (author of Liftoff: Launching Agile Teams and Projects) suggests that for a group of people to come together as a team they need to:

Understand what they …

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