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Three things that make a daily scrum a waste of time

The trouble is that in the real world, there is an awful lot that can get in the way of this self-organised utopia. We regularly work with teams that see …

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How to create the perfect size team

The Surgery Team (approx. 6)
In an operating room there are several key players. Each essential to the successful outcome of patient care:

Resident Surgeon
Scrub tech

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Secret Santa’s agile Christmas reading list


Agile Christmas reading list: Book 1
One Mission: How Leaders Build A Team Of Teams by Chris Fussell and Charles Goodyear. Building on from the “Team of teams” recommendation from …

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Scrum is often a waste of money


This is not free: taking a whole team away from their work for several hours a month is an overhead. The Scrum framework caps the time allocated to …

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Good scrum master versus bad scrum master

Good scrum masters have a deep understanding of Scrum and operate from a strong basis of confidence and knowledge. They are responsible for the successful implementation of Scrum within their …

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Seven top delegation tips for business leaders

Success, whilst hard won, isn’t guaranteed to stay. Successful businesses often grow quickly, with lines of communication getting more and more complex. The original team is joined by new …

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5 ways the PMO can support agile teams

The role of many PMOs can be broken down into 5 key functions:

Governance: ensuring that decisions are taken by the right people, based on the right information. The …

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Definition of done – when is it really, really done?

Although the Scrum Guide does not dictate this, in practise a lot of scrum teams include “product owner sign-off” as part of the definition of their done and/or have product …

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High Street Law Firms in the UK

High street law firms aren’t big corporate entities located in the capital but are often comparably smaller outfits with offices situated in hubs all over the country. Here, they serve …

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Backlog refinement

A team are planning their next sprint.  One of the developers looks anxious:
“What do you mean we are changing the way we list items? This is going to be …

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Lavington School take on Three Peaks Challenge

Pupils will be joined by staff and parents as they attempt to complete the three highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland within 24 hours*. This will be a gruelling …

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Top Tips for Negotiating With Stakeholders

Secure Your Home Base First
We know from his ‘Commentary on the Gallic War’ that Julius Cæsar, a highly successful general and politician, adopted as a primary strategy the maxim …

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