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5 ways the PMO can support agile teams

The role of many PMOs can be broken down into 5 key functions:

Governance: ensuring that decisions are taken by the right people, based on the right information. The …

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Definition of done – when is it really, really done?

Although the Scrum Guide does not dictate this, in practise a lot of scrum teams include “product owner sign-off” as part of the definition of their done and/or have product …

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High Street Law Firms in the UK

High street law firms aren’t big corporate entities located in the capital but are often comparably smaller outfits with offices situated in hubs all over the country. Here, they serve …

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Backlog refinement

A team are planning their next sprint.  One of the developers looks anxious:
“What do you mean we are changing the way we list items? This is going to be …

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Lavington School take on Three Peaks Challenge

Pupils will be joined by staff and parents as they attempt to complete the three highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland within 24 hours*. This will be a gruelling …

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Top Tips for Negotiating With Stakeholders

Secure Your Home Base First
We know from his ‘Commentary on the Gallic War’ that Julius Cæsar, a highly successful general and politician, adopted as a primary strategy the maxim …

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Top 7 books for agile teams – Spring reading 2017


Top 7 books for agile teams – Book 1: The Coaching Habit
The promise this book makes is that you can work less hard and have more …

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6 top tips for creating better leadership teams

Here are six simple, impactful, actions which I often start with when helping leaders, teams and individuals shift their cultures, build better products and outpace their competitors.
Walk the floor

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Do you consider yourself an agile tourist?

We all like to be tourists, safe in the knowledge that we can try something new, returning to the comfort of what we know in just a few weeks.
For …

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Could BDD have prevented Judgement Day?

Ant has been sent back in time from 2029, by the leaders of the human resistance, to save the human race from Judgement Day. Ant is no killing machine …

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Three simple steps to make distributed teams work

Real life is about compromise
Designing an effective IT product delivery capability is a complex problem involving compromise. It will never match up to the perfect world described in the …

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What is Scrum?

When should I use Scrum?
When you want to deliver a product of known quality, have some predictability on upcoming work, and have people who can fulfil the three roles …

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