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Going up – achieving flow – less is more

By encouraging all customers to ride the escalator in both streams they were able to use the full capacity of the system, reduced turbulence of customers trying to get into …

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Behaviour driven development (BDD) in a day

New features were coming thick and fast, so we thought it was time to build on our development process with behaviour-driven development (BDD). Here’s what we were hoping to achieve:

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Outcome based agile coaching

Quickly closing in on how the product team was working, we agreed that the correct focus was to help make product delivery effective again, because improvement in that area would …

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Kanban – when, where and how

When should I use Kanban?
In any situation where you want to manage a flow of work, whether for a team or as an individual and regardless of the nature …

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Product delivery style impacts your customers

Subway and Dominos are two popular fast food joints. They both have a reasonably similar product. They both target a similar kind of target customer. They are well known …

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Don’t write “Duncan”; call me “Long Black”

Making a purchase can feel great when you’ve developed a rapport with the salesperson. Regardless of the product; from a tasty treat at the farmer’s market to a major purchase …

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Can rituals help agile teams bond?

Years ago I was complimented on “improving the group dynamic” by bringing in a cafetiere for the my agile team to use.  We developed a bit of a ritual around …

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Why business leaders need to embrace agility

As a sector, IT was late to the party when it came to adopting the Lean principles that came out of heavy industry in the 1950s. To make up for …

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Product development with BDD

What is required? – User Stories supported by Scenarios.
At the beginning of an agile product development or while discussing potential new features, discussions about what is required will take …

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Achieving business agility

Beginning in the software or product domain, there is a belief by some that a software team or organisation can attain 100% agility and become x% agile by a given …

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Just get Sam to do it
The simplest way to build software is to find one talented engineer and get them to devote all of their time to building the …

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Who makes a good Scrum master?

The scrum master is an organiser. They don’t have to run ceremonies like planning sessions or daily stand-ups, but they need to make sure they both happen and happen …

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