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From dog food to champagne

We wrote about our experience in developing our own website back in October 2012 – time flies. We ate the dog food – we used the principles and practices our …

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Agile fixed price contracts – can they work?

Fixed price, fixed scope contracts seem like a great idea if you have an idea for a new product and you want to limit your exposure to escalating costs. By …

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UX driven development

The scenario
The head of product is senior in the organisation. They do a good job, guiding a large and talented multi-disciplinary team. They also manage stakeholders, liaise with other …

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Scaling Agile – It has the Wrong Intent

The agile movement came out of a desire to improve the way software was developed. The agile manifesto is clear in this intent:
“Working software over comprehensive documentation”.
The desire …

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Choosing Processes and Tools

Agility in Mind recently launched a new version of our Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) workshop. I worked with Ed to deliver the early sessions and develop the course content, and …

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High Level Estimates

On a recent visit, I was asked to help them plan a new release. They had a bunch of user stories, a wireframe to help show where they fitted in …

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Kanban principles for sales management

Good sales management is all about identifying new opportunities for work early on, achieving dialogue with clients and progressing the right opportunities through to commitment from the client in a …

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Assessments and certifications – the right balance

I’m currently working towards my Professional Scrum Trainer certification and part of the process involves achieving 95% in the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) II exam.  To do this I …

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Agility and Dev Ops

Dev Ops teams use a lot of tools. It’s part of the trade, so it’s natural that there is focus on the best ones to use. However, it’s not …

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Premiere Screening in Leicester Square

The culmination of three years of hard work by a group of media students from Greenwich University was the screening of their films at a private cinema in the heart …

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Video: Standing up for ourselves


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Agile Compass

My experience and understanding has shown that the best way to deal with these situations is to adopt a principle based stance, and use these principles to evaluate the choices …

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