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Kanban at the BBC: “Stuck in the Middle”


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Learning to drive and agile adoption

Before you can drive on your own, you have to have someone with 3 or more years experience with you. You have to pass a theory and a practical …

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Kanban at New Broadcasting House

The BBC’s New Broadcasting House, overlooking the impressive BBC Newsroom, was the venue of the Kanban Meetup on 15th November 2012. Hosted by The BBC Academy, the event was organised …

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Agility in Action at the BITS Foundation

It was a pleasure to be part of the BITS Foundation forum hosted by Takeda in central London, last week.
At the July 2012 meeting, I ran something a bit …

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Blog Strategy

When we were gathering requirements for our new website, we naturally prioritised our blog pretty high on the list. It was the second most important thing after the homepage. We …

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The broken link between Managers and Teams

Companies want to make fantastic products. Their leadership teams and managers want to impress their customers with great experiences, products and customer support. They invest loads of money in to …

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Achievement Awards – BBC Business Analysis

The BBC Academy has a deserved reputation for the quality and range of its training and development programmes, which benefit the BBC and the wider broadcast industry.
It has, therefore, …

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We ate the dog food and we liked it

There was clear need for a change to our web presence.  The business has developed nicely, along with a strong reputation for making a lasting difference in organisations, not being …

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Test Driven Meetings


People turn up late because another meeting overran
We all sit and wait for all the attendees to arrive
The meeting kind of starts, usually with who ever …

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Agile Banking? Whatever next …

The increase in price to call these guys is, in the grand scheme of things, not that big. The number has gone from and 0845 number (2p/min) to an 0844 number (“no …

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Agile Governance

Interestingly, and as some observers have already pointed out, the report makes significant reference to private sector agile adopters. As far as I can see, there is no reference to …

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Is BA just a team assistant?

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit with a group of BAs and ask them what is was that they did – specifically I asked them “As a BA …

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