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Shared Vision

Quite often, it can take a long time before you get to ask those other questions, because you get stuck at the first one. I know it sounds crazy, …

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Exit criteria saves lives

Back in 1935 the Boeing Corporation developed a new fighting machine that became known as the Flying Fortress.  In a demo flight to the senior people of the USAF, the …

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Doing Scrum ‘right’? You’re probably doing it wrong

Really, this is a daft question – because agility is about flexibility and responsiveness in pursuit of delivery. It is not about getting Scrum right or being the best at …

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What’s happening upstream?

More often than not, the development teams that I meet are really pretty good. In fact I can’t ever remember walking in to a business where the development resource …

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The map is not the territory

There is sizable minority of people who now believe that agile methods fail.  Not having performed an extensive survey it is difficult to tell precisely what evidence there is …

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The Power of Conversation

At the end of all of our training courses we always get a request for the slide deck to be emailed to the participants. Of course we are happy …

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Kanban at the BBC: “Stuck in the Middle”


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Learning to drive and agile adoption

Before you can drive on your own, you have to have someone with 3 or more years experience with you. You have to pass a theory and a practical …

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Kanban at New Broadcasting House

The BBC’s New Broadcasting House, overlooking the impressive BBC Newsroom, was the venue of the Kanban Meetup on 15th November 2012. Hosted by The BBC Academy, the event was organised …

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Agility in Action at the BITS Foundation

It was a pleasure to be part of the BITS Foundation forum hosted by Takeda in central London, last week.
At the July 2012 meeting, I ran something a bit …

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Blog Strategy

When we were gathering requirements for our new website, we naturally prioritised our blog pretty high on the list. It was the second most important thing after the homepage. We …

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The broken link between Managers and Teams

Companies want to make fantastic products. Their leadership teams and managers want to impress their customers with great experiences, products and customer support. They invest loads of money in to …

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