27 Data Gathering Options for Agile Product Managers

Using Data to Make Better Decisions

The ’27 Data Gathering Options for Agile Product Managers’ will undoubtedly improve your ability to make more good decisions than bad which, in the long term, will result in a better product.


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The right data interpreted in the right way can support this goal, but relying too heavily on data can be counterproductive.  It is likely that you have certain metrics freely available to you, but this can be a distraction if the data is not a good indicator of your real success criteria.  This white paper outlines the options available to agile product managers, which can be assessed and selectively chosen as a means of supporting an overall approach to effective decision-making.

The 27 data gathering options for agile product managers have been collated under 6 sections:
27 Data Gathering Options for Agile Product Managers White paper

  1. Customer and User Numbers
  2. Customer Perception
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Total Cost of Ownership
  5. Current Value of the Product
  6. Responsiveness

About the AuthorDuncan

Duncan is an experienced agile project manager and Scrum Master with a proven track record of delivering high quality products. He is a Certified Scrum Professional, Professional Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach with experience in agile transitions, project inceptions and recruiting successful teams.

As Head of Training at Agility in Mind he is now using these skills to help customers build better products as a consultant, coach and trainer. While working as a project manager his focus was to ensure relevant, valuable products were developed by facilitating pragmatic decision making at regular intervals. Data analysis, the ability to interpret which data is relevant and using this to aid decision making has been a key factor throughout his career.

Keeping the needs of the business at the heart of his approach, he has used Scrum, a range of complimentary practices and these data gathering options to support the delivery of major products in high profile organisations such as the BBC, Oracle, Sainsbury’s and Pearson.

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