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Chapter 3:  ‘Getting ready: preparing to be agile’.

Brilliant Agile Project Management If you need a solid understanding of how Agile Project Management works so your projects can fully benefit from using this innovative and powerful approach, this book is essential reading.

Brilliant Agile Project Management does more than just talk you through the techniques and processes – focussing on real-life use of Agile in business environments, it provides practical advice and techniques on how to implement and work with Agile, so you always know exactly what to do and say to make your project a success.

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About the author:

Ed Scotcher - Agile CoachEdward Scotcher is COO of Agility in Mind and a leading digital product delivery transformation expert devoted to helping organisations improve the way they work. Ed specialises in Lean and agile coaching and training, with a particular emphasis on helping senior teams navigate business change in an effective and sustainable way as well as being a popular speaker at many meet­ups and conferences which focus on both business agility and corporate cultural change. Ed co-authored ‘Brilliant Agile Project Management”.

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