The Flightpath – product-led agile operating model

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Want to help find the better way? Download our product-led agile operating model poster and use it to help guide agile adoption and implementation, facilitate conversations and show the possibilities for holistic change. Want to know more? Read on…

Why did we make the flightpath?

Our clients all have one thing in common – they want a better business. Whilst we believe there can’t be a single solution, framework or process to help achieve this, experience tells us that for product-led companies there are some basic principles that always help, like being outcome focussed, regularly prioritising and using fast feedback to make informed decisions. Our clients want to know how we think it could look for them – so we made this to show them.

How does it help?

Businesses that cannot respond to the fast pace of change around them face extinction. The flightpath is a template for bringing the efficiencies of business agility to the whole organisation. It’s great at facilitating conversations about change, especially when an organisation, department or team is thinking of finding a better way of working. When people start talking about possibilities rather than constraints, great things can happen – leading to creative, innovative ideas for achieving competitive advantage.

What does it do?

It gets people talking. Use the flightpath as a springboard to start or guide a conversation about digital delivery transformation. We often print it out, scribble notes and ideas on it, show it to groups and teams, get them to talk it though, analyse it and put in to their own context. By doing this you’re putting people, not process, at the heart of your company. Done well this can lead to sustainable cultural change, where the intent is understood, accepted and owned by the company and not the consultant.

About the AuthorEd Scotcher - Agile Coach

Edward Scotcher – Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Ed is a leading digital product delivery transformation expert, agile coach, speaker and author who helps organisations improve the way they work by removing the obstacles that get in the way of delivery. He specialises in Lean & agile coaching, training and consulting with a particular emphasis on helping senior teams navigate business change in an effective and sustainable way.

Ed’s hands-on approach brings depth and colour to the practical application of the theoretical, helping organisations, teams and individuals develop the confidence to take ownership of the adoption of new ways of working.


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