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We are proud to work with a prestigious list of high profile customers in various industry verticals. We work with people throughout an organisation: we help leadership teams to better understand the challenges they need to face in a digital world; to develop and align strategy, we show individuals and teams how to better organise their work to fulfil strategic objectives; and we instil a sense of belief with all stakeholders that change is possible and action is needed. The following case studies illustrate the business benefits we have brought to the organisations we work with.

National Children’s Charity Case Study

When Agility in Mind implemented their Agile Leadership Programme into a national children’s charity as they enter into a new chapter of evolution. 

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Mr and Mrs Smith case study

Several countries were beginning to lift travel bans, and there was expected to be a significant uplift in demand for travel. Agility in Mind was invited to help Mr and Mrs Smith to focus on trade again and their plans for ambitious growth.

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National Newspaper Case Study

When Agility in Mind was invited to come and help get things back on track at a national newspaper, we knew a different approach was needed and couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

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Fintech Scale-up Customer Success Story

When Agility in Mind was approached by a fintech start up to help them break through a growth glass ceiling we were delighted to help.

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National Supermarket Tech Product

When Agility in Mind was approached by a national supermarket to help them create a tech product-led, value-driven, digital first culture, we couldn’t wait to get started.

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Global pharmaceutical organisation Case Study - Marketing Teams

A global pharmaceutical organisations approached us to help their marketing department develop an understanding of agile and scrum and implement it within their departments.

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LifeWorks Agile Product Delivery

LifeWorks recognised that, in order to keep ahead of the competition by responding and delivering flexibly and quickly, they needed to have a well-motivated, engaged and aligned delivery team.

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LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor case study

Expert objective advice, coaching and support to help realise the team’s ambition for agile transformation.

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RS Components Case Study - Digital Teams

RS Components realised that to retain their market position they needed a more customer focussed, agile approach to delivering business value online.

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Salmon and Sainsbury's case study

Upon the completion of a three year major upgrade for their client Sainsbury’s online groceries system, there was a desire to shorten the lead time for new and ongoing changes to the site.

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BBC Academy BA Programme Case Study

To address the demand coming from both the Design and Engineering division of the BBC, the BBC Academy wanted to create a programme of development for the business analysis practitioners across the corporation.

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RSA case study - global digital teams

The RSA Global Digital teams identified a need for efficiency improvements to get their digital services to market, aligned with enhancements in the quality of the final product delivery.

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True Clarity case study

Agility in Mind worked with True Clarity to help them improve their performance by using Lean and Kanban tools and methods.

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Historic England case study

Provided training, coaching and mentoring to help change Historic England’s understanding of how to deliver projects and improve delivery times.

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MyMeds&Me - Case Study

Before MyMeds&Me had launched the on-line service to market, they had hit a point where they were no longer confident what the priorities were for the product. Achieving clarity was key.

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BBC iPlayer case study - focusing team vision

This project was well established, but after the pressure of delivering for the London Olympics in 2012, it needed to reset its delivery process as inefficiencies and a lack of cohesion had resulted in a weaker product and reduced viewing numbers.

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Global Radio Case Study

A key new business system development had stalled. Global Radio needed to get the project back on track with confidence that benefits would be delivered as planned against the significant investment being made.

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RetailMeNot case study

Despite its success in the UK, under the brand, there was a perception that the development teams had lost their enthusiasm, creativity and effectiveness in delivering future product enhancements.

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Elsevier case study - Agile training programme

Elsevier had identified the need to improve its product delivery approach including the adoption of agile methods to help them achieve their goal of being more responsive to changes in market demands.

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Financial Times case study - Customer focus delivery had begun to lose focus on who their online service is built for and, without this common understanding, what features and content were required. They invited Agilty in Mind to facilitate a digital product kick-off workshop to help them get back on track.

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