Case Study

Pharma product development

MyMeds&Me simplify adverse event reporting and product quality data capture and improve statistical analysis. Their web-based Reportum solution has transformed the end-to-end pharmacovigilance process for the Pharma industry. Their customers benefit from efficiency and effectiveness by more rapidly accessing their safety data for the earliest detection of safety or quality issues.

The Challenge

Before MyMeds&Me had launched the on-line service to market, they had hit a point where they were no longer confident what the priorities were for the product.

Our Approach

Achieving clarity was key, so Agility in Mind brought together the teams and individuals with a vested interest in making this a success.

With simple tools and effective dialogue, Agility in Mind helped commercial and technical people alike, to understand where the product was going, why it was needed and how to make each and every deployment a success story in its own right.

In making the product roadmap visible, the whole team was able to see what was planned and re-align the investment in development with the commercial needs of the business.


Today, MyMeds&Me has secured leading pharma names such as Pfizer to use Reportum to streamline their call handling and achieve better outcomes for real patients who use their pharmaceutical products.

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