Implementing Agile Leadership at a National Children’s Charity

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When Agility in Mind implemented their Agile Leadership Programme into a national children’s charity as they enter into a new chapter of evolution. 

The Challenge

When a national children’s charity entered into a new chapter of evolution by adopting agile principles into the organisation, the leaders recognised the importance of coming together to lead the change, adopt and role model agile leadership principles and increase collaboration and connectivity as a whole.
The Agility in Mind team adapted their agile leadership programme to align with the charity’s needs to build a model which they could embed into the organisation for future success.

Our Approach

The agile leadership programme was built up of six key principles, with each session allowing the teams to inspect and adapt the approach, creating alignment with the organisation, therefore achieving better outcomes. The Agility in Mind team:

  • Facilitated three programme cohorts across the executive and extended leadership teams over several months
  • Encouraged a role modelling approach, enabling the leadership team to change their behaviours and allowing their own teams to thrive in a new dynamic culture.
  • Delivered short, punchy, interactive sessions bringing focus to the six key principles aligned to the organisation’s objectives.
  • Deepened their understanding of each topic, identified challenges related back to their organisation and developed an understanding of how to overcome them.
  • Collaborated with the HR team to develop a 360 assessment for their leaders based on the six key principles.
  • Identified and established one common charity vision, ensuring the whole organisation understood why they were there and where they were going.

The Outcomes

One thing we can say for sure is the success here is a result of the leadership at the top of the organisation willingly wanting to change their mindset. Investing in themselves and their teams meant they were developing their skill sets and that they were aligned with the charity’s vision. In summary:

  • The leaders came together thinking about the challenges they had and a willingness to address them.
  • They learned to support each other’s learning by providing a safe, supportive environment to speak out and ask for help.
  • Assessed the future for their current vision and whether to refresh it.

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