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True Clarity provides software and computer consultancy, building resilient, scalable and secure software to many well-known clients, who have benefitted from their technical skills to enhance the client’s business proposition. For more than a decade, True Clarity has been helping its clients take their business to the Internet in a Lean and agile way. They have never stood still and have continued to adapt the way they work.

The Challenge

Agility in Mind worked with True Clarity to help them improve their performance by using Lean and Kanban tools and methods. Although already versed in Lean and agile methods, True Clarity knows that there is always room for improvement and that they need to adapt to the changing demands of their clients. They wanted an objective view of how their teams used tools and methods, to effectively engage with and deliver to their clients, and how the senior team supported this.

Our Approach

Unusually, the first step was to provide a training course in the use of Kanban to one team. The nature of this course is such that it helps the team to understand how they work, what gets in the way of effective delivery and how they can improve. It equipped the team with new skills, which they put into immediate action in mapping out a process that would be effective for them and make their work visible.

This first step highlighted a number of issues to the senior team who took action.

When they were ready, Agility in Mind consulted across all teams to see what issues they had, how they could improve and adapt current process and the potential benefits they could achieve. This was used for further feedback to the senior team and to adapt the Kanban training to make it even more focused upon True Clarity’s business objectives.


Delivery teams are now more confident about the use of appropriate tools to help them manage their work and to engage better with their clients.  In particular, making the up-front work (the potential new requirements from the client’s business) more visible and improve the dialogue and engagement with their clients.

The senior teams are now more confident about the work being done by the teams, because they can see it and use this to encourage and support dialogue with them.  They are also more confident about discussing the status of work with their senior clients because they know there is a common understanding of the status of work.

As a result, clients are more confident about delivery of product to their own businesses because they are more actively engaged in the process, can see where work is  in the workflow and believe in its status.

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True Clarity case study


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