Effective Scrum Master Training: Reference Material

Thank you for attending our Effective Scrum Master training course. These resources will help you to get started and maximise the benefit of your training.

The Scrum Framework

The Scrum Guide (Document)

Scrum Overview (Article)

Brilliant Agile Project Management (Book)

Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum (Book)

Essential Scrum (Book)

People and Teams

The Five Dysfunctions of A Team (Book)

Scrum Values (Poster)

Drive – Autonomy Mastery and Purpose (Video)

Squad health check model from Spotify (Article)

Turning the Ship Around – A Leader leader model (Book)

Delegation Poker from management 3.0 (Article)

When to Use Scrum, and alternatives to consider

Cynefin Framework (Video)

Kanban Overview (Article)

Kanban (Book)

Practical tips

Frequent Agile Questions (Collection of articles)

Eight Stances of a Scrum Master (Article)

Scrum Checklist (Article)

Scrum Master Checklist (Article)

Definition of Done (Video)

Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell (Video)

Estimation (Article)

Teaching Scrum

Learning Styles (Article)

How To Design And Deliver Great Training (Book)

Training from the Back of the Room (Book)

Coaching Scrum

Coaching Agile Teams (Book)

Coaching for Performance (Book)

Clean Language (Book)


Practical Facilitation: A Toolkit of Techniques (Book)

Advanced Facilitation Strategies: Tools & Techniques to Master Difficult Situations (Book)

Liberating Structures (Website)


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