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FAQs LIVE Free agile Webinars


Agility in Mind industry-leading consultants have developed a wide range of FAQs LIVE sessions across the globe by animating our most popular FAQs. In these unpredicted times we hope to help anyone looking to improve terminology, learn new skills, and improve business agility.

For some of our FAQs LIVE Specials we will be joined by industry experts sharing their knowledge, stories, learnings and tips and tricks!

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We currently have no FAQs LIVE Scheduled right now. Please check back later! Alternatively, you can request any topics you would like to us do in the future and if you missed any past events, you can catch up on our YouTube channel!

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FAQs LIVE - Tim Smart

Good structure with focus of useful themes, split between requirements management and delivery approaches.
Good knowledge and depth of experience to relevant response to question to real-world practical implementation of what works well.
Great presenters

Tim Smart
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It was a good opportunity for people to ask a range of questions of a couple of people who clearly know a lot about the subject matter.

Nathan Dean
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FAQs LIVE - Lorna Mason

It allowed us to ask specific questions around SAFe, as opposed to being a generalised overview.
It was also interesting to hear from other people, and the kind of questions they had.

Lorna Mason
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I found the pace at which Brian explained the different terminologies and stages was really helpful and he broke it down in simplistic terms and he actually explained from the start to the finish. ... So I've done a couple of safe courses before very recently in the last two weeks and I didn't understand the process at all from what's the first step to the next step to the next? ... I found this session with Brian more harmful than those courses that I have paid for and done. So super helpful. I'm really glad I attended. I wish I've done it sooner and I look forward to attending future events as well. Thank you.

Kay Sinha
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Smart Slider 3 is the best slider that i’ve tried so far. There’s so many useful functions and easy to understand how to use it.

Opportunities to sharpen up!
Useful confirmation / reflection on what as a scrum master I have being practicing over the last 2 year and where possibly there are some opportunities for sharpening up practice from a SAFe view point. many thanks.

David Watts
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