What is virtual agile coaching?

What is virtual agile coaching?

Virtual agile coaching is used for distributed teams of people, to help them work together more effectively. In principle, it is the same as traditional forms of agile coaching, as it focuses on people, their interactions and the practices they use to be better at what they do.
The world of work has changed, taking advantage of digital technologies and many business models are based on distributed teams. Working in a virtual environment still requires real people to collaborate to achieve common goals. The environment may have changed but the opportunities and challenges remain the same.

Agile coaching works for distributed teams, even in a virtual, digital environment. There needs to be a commitment to using good quality audio-visual equipment, to make sure tools don’t get in the way. Modern video conferencing using services such as Zoom further support this, especially having the ability for face-to-face, small group and whole team conversations. Protocols and disciplines are adapted, to make sure people are reading the signals that face-to-face communications naturally support.

Learn more about virtual agile coaching and live virtual training, which work well together to create effective teams.

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