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As the ‘Help to Grow’ scheme continues to roll out across the UK, Agility in Mind explored the growth priorities of UK business leaders.



Rishi Sunak’s ‘Help To Grow’ scheme was launched to support small UK businesses by offering high-class management style training with plans to spur innovation and growth in the workforce. According to a study by Agility Mind, only a third of UK business decision makers have heard about the scheme and what it entails – and a quarter of UK business decision-makers know little to nothing about the scheme.

“Where the scheme is called 'Help to Grow', the question is what does it help to grow? The very nature of Rishi Sunak's role as Chancellor will mean his goal for the initiative is likely centred around growing the economy,” Andrew Jones, CEO of Agility in Mind said. “However, to achieve that, there are a number of other factors UK business leaders want to prioritise before they can start to think about profit, as our data shows

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The findings, published in the new How to Grow playbook by business transformation consultancy Agility in Mind, surveyed UK business leaders about their concerns as we move forward in the pandemic.

Agility in Mind’s How to Grow playbook looks extensively into the proposed solutions from business leaders to tackle productivity concerns and provides tips how to position your organisation for growth.

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