How to innovate and why everybody should do it

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When you hear the word innovation, what do you think of next? Many conjure up images of “artistic types” huddling together in a start-up incubator, sipping flat whites while pointing at post-its. Or maybe you think the creative director or designer are paid to be creative thinkers – the CEO, Head of IT or Digital Director don’t need to bother. In fact, innovation is for everyone. Not simply because any successful business MUST be innovative to survive, let alone thrive in the world out there, but because creativity and innovation is an inherent trait in us all, like having blue or brown eyes. We were born to innovate – if we weren’t, we’d still be living in caves. For too long the so-called creative types were relegated to the design or marketing department, while the important business decisions were made in the boardroom. 

Innovation needs to cross these silos.

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