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Fast and effective feedback

Menrva is our simple and effective way to achieve better training. We measure your progress to improve our process and become more effective at training. Menrva helps create better, more memorable experiences for all our delegates by putting you at the heart of our training cycle. Our app allows us to find out about your experience and progress at each stage; before, during and after the training course. Menrva helps to track the achievements and key outcomes throughout our training course and gain rich, sharable insight into your attitudes and development.

How Menrva works

Great training should deliver memorable, compelling and meaningful experiences…

Menrva helps us put our delegate’s experience at the heart of what we do. By focussing on your learning development throughout a training course we can adapt what we’re doing to cater for your needs.

Pre course communication

We use Menerva to gauge your confidence levels on the training course topics before training. This assists us in pitching the training at the right level so that you best benefit. Menrva is also responsible for collating delegate information and delivering pre-course notes and training guides.

Course interaction

Regular reflection

Regular reflection means fast, qualitative feedback from our delegates. This is how we learn as we teach. Menrva makes it easy to discover our delegates’ attitudes, moods and experience around their jobs, workplace and problems, as well as the course we are running.

We test at the beginning, during and end of a training course to track your learning and development.

A virtuous circle

The value of this fast feedback helps us do our job better; to deliver more valuable, more useful training. Menrva is a simple app that creates a virtuous circle of valuable learning and experience.

Menrva - confidence levels

Trust and understanding by adapting to your needs…

By being open and transparent about the data we’re collecting from you and why, we have have found that delegates are more honest, forthcoming and helpful. This dramatically improves your experience and enables us to tailor the course accordingly.

There might be times during a training course where you’re struggling with the learning and by revisiting sections with Menrva, it can drive you forward with assurance and understanding.

Post course communication

Once the course has been completed, we will send you your details of all the Menvra reports. The app will turn the data you inputted before, during and after the course into useful charts, graphs and diagrams.

You’ll be able to review a frank and honest story of your training experience and how successful and meaningful it was. Delegates find these useful to demonstrate to managers the success of their training.

 Menrva screen capture - The intention behind agile and Scrum practices

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