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Agility in Mind: Our approach to agile training: Build Confidence

Building confidence

Change is difficult to manage, so it’s crucial to understand the principles behind new ways of working and gain confidence before convincing others. Agility in Mind has a deep understanding of agile principles and their application, and our training courses take delegates through the following steps:

1. Set the desired outcomes for a change at the start.

2. Apply the principles learned.

3. Select an approach with the confidence that you’re doing the right thing.

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Understanding the intent

Once the intent behind the framework, technique or role is understood, each agile training course uses exercises to apply it. Techniques are brought to life, such as building a backlog, establishing a minimum viable product and crafting a release plan.

Delegates leave with the knowledge that it’s possible to do things differently and convince others of the benefits.

Agility in Mind: Our Approach to Agile Training: Putting it into practice

Putting it into practice

Having developed confidence in a new approach, we then support delegates in putting it into practice. Many of our courses conclude with a plan of action, so delegates can directly apply techniques to their own product or functional area.

Materials supporting the learning outcomes are made available after the course, giving delegates the tools they need to apply the skills they’ve learned.

Agility in Mind: Our approach to Agile training: Focusing on outcomes

Focusing on outcomes

Our agile training courses always take an outcome-based approach. Each course has five learning outcomes, and these are reflected in the content, exercises, pre-course reading and post-course resources.

Results are made available to delegates so that everyone can see the change in confidence within minutes of the course.

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Building confidence in new ways of working and inspiring change


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