PSM I Reference Material

Use the following PSM I reference material to support Professional Scrum Master I training.

PSM I Reference MaterialPSM I Reference Material: Links

  1. What is Scrum?
    A quick and easy summary defining what Scrum is, to refresh your memory or to help explain to colleagues.
  2. The Scrum Guide
    The fully comprehensive definition of Scrum.
  3. Glossary
    A glossary of Scrum terminology.
  4. Agile Manifesto
    What it means develop software in an agile way.
  5. Retrospective plans
    A collection of detailed retrospective plans you can run or take inspiration from.
  6. SrumAnd
    A more detailed coverage of the “Yes, we do Scrum, and…” concepts from the Profession Scrum Master course.
  7. Scrum Master – A Manager
    Exploring the accountabilities of the Scrum Master role.
  8. “Self Organisation” and “Cross-functional Teams”
    Ken Schwaber’s view on these key concepts.
  9. Preparation guidance for the PSM I assessment
    Tips and advice to prepare for taking the PSM I assessment.
  10. What is Kanban?
    If the work you are doing is not a good fit for Scrum, Kanban is likely to be a great alternative.
  11. Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us (Video)
    Dan Pink explains how intrinsic motivation is achieved through maximising autonomy, mastery and purpose.

PSM I Reference Material: Books

  1. Brilliant Agile Project Management
    If you need a solid understanding of how Agile Project Management works so your projects can fully benefit from using this innovative and powerful approach, this book is essential reading.
  2. Scrum: a pocket guide
    A concise but in-depth coverage of principles underpinning Scrum.
  3. Scrum Mastery
    A very practical look at the Scrum Master role and how to go beyond the basics.
  4. Overcoming the 5 dysfunctions of a team
    Practical exercises and approaches to help with teams exhibiting dysfunctional behaviors.
  5. Coaching Agile Teams
    Lysa Adkins shares her transition from command-and-control project manager to agile coach, with lots of techniques to develop coaching skills.

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