PSM II Assessment note & practice questions

Note about the AssessmentAgility_in_mind_PSM_II_Trainging_course

PSM II assessment is very difficult and consists of multiple-choice questions based on your knowledge of Scrum and how you would handle real-world situations. It’s a measure of advanced Scrum knowledge and in-depth Scrum experience.

The PSM II course is designed to support you in becoming a better scrum master, improving your skills or improving your ability to help your Scrum Teams. It’s not set up to give you direct questions and answers to the test, but to give you the mindset required to think and act as a Scrum Master which is what the test validates, your knowledge of Scrum and ability to apply it.

To help you prepare for the assessment we have developed a few practice questions that are representative of the style and difficulty of the real test.

Practice questions can be downloaded below
Practice Questions

Some students find it useful to look over these before the class, arriving at the class with questions for the trainer. Others use them after the class as part of their revision.

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