PSPO I Assessment Hints and Tips

Follow the guidance on this page for the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) I Assessment. All the hints and tips you need to pass the examination first time.


Your passwords should be with you shortly for your free attempt at the exam (80 multiple choice questions in 1 hour) with an 85% pass rate. Note: if you take your first attempt within 2 weeks of receiving the code, and additional attempt will be granted in you don’t pass first time.

Please add [email protected] to the safe senders list to make certain the email does not end up in your Junk mail folder and you receive your password.

If you have any problems, please contact us and/or [email protected].

The objective domain is listed here:

Preparation for the PSPO I Assessment

Read the scrum guide from (more than once!).

  1. Create a account.Your account must be set up before you can take any assessments.
  2. Use the Open Assessmentsfor practice.  Take the Product Owner Open until you achieve 100% repeatedly (5 times in a row).  Take the Scrum Open and Developer Open assessments to increase your knowledge and familiarity with the assessment style.

Please give yourself the best opportunity to pass by

  • Making sure that you know the Scrum Guide well
    • Roles
    • Timeboxes
    • Artefacts
  • Understanding the purpose of the burndown chart (start with
    • It is work remaining vs. time
    • Can be by Sprint (hours) or Release (story points)
    • Is a guide not to be forced to match a profile
  • Use the Product Owner Learning Path to guide your further reading, and to target your studies after your first attempt at the assessment.

Strategy for tackling difficult questions:

  1. Eliminate answers that break the rules of Scrum
  2. From the remaining options, select the answer that provides the best chance of delivering tangible value. In some cases, this is the “least bad” option.

Watch this video

Taking the PSPO I Assessment

Once you have received your code and feel ready, schedule 60 minutes when you will not be interrupted then complete the following:


When you have passed a Professional level assessments (PSPO I) with a score of 85% or higher, a downloadable, printable certificate and badge will be added directly into your member account profile.

Please check your member profile to download and print your certificate. To access your profile, click on your name, which will appear at the top of any page whenever you are logged into your account. Please feel free to use your certificate and badge to represent your status and understanding of Scrum.

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