PSPO I Reference Material

Use the following PSPO I reference material to support Professional Scrum Product Owner I training.


  1. What is Scrum?
    A quick and easy summary defining what Scrum is, to refresh your memory or to help explain to colleagues.
  2. The Scrum Guide
    The fully comprehensive definition of Scrum.
  3. Glossary
    A glossary of Scrum terminology.
  4. Agile Manifesto
    What it means develop software in an agile way.
  5. Preparation guidance for the PSPO I assessment
    Tips and advice to prepare for taking the PSPO I assessment.
  6. What is Kanban?
    If the work you are doing is not a good fit for Scrum, Kanban is likely to be a great alternative.
  7. The Business Model Canvas
    Source material for the business model canvas techniques used in the course.
  8. Agile Product Management in a Nutshell (Video)
    Many of the fundamentals of agile product management in a 15-minute animated video.
  9. BlockbusterKodak and Blackberry
    Case studies on these once market-leading companies, highlighting the competitive or existential drivers behind business agility.
  10. Great CEOs Must be Either Technical or Financial
    The most effective product owners act as “mini-CEOs” for their products.  This article is reference material for the discussion in the course on the pros and cons of a technical product owner.


  1. Brilliant Agile Project Management
    If you need a solid understanding of how Agile Project Management works so your projects can fully benefit from using this innovative and powerful approach, this book is essential reading.
  2. Scrum: a pocket guide
    A concise but in-depth coverage of principles underpinning Scrum.
  3. The Product Managers Survival Guide
    Practical guidance and lots of things to try for product managers.
  4. Agile Estimation and Planning
    An oldie but a goodie: detailed techniques for forecasting in Scrum.

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