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SAFe has seven competencies, each with three dimensions


SAFe for Lean Enterprise 5.0 has seven competencies. Each card reflects one of these.


Our coaches have added some extra insight to the back of each card.

SAFe competency Card - Front SAFe Competency Card Back


Exercise tools

SAFe Competency Cards - Revise with team


Test your teams to see how well they know the seven competencies and their dimensions
SAFe Competency Cards - Study


Taking your SAFe exam? Use these cards as an easy revision tool to help you with your studies
SAFe Competency Cards - Reminder


Keep them handy, or pinned up nearby, so you can get to them if you need a refresher

Leading SAFe 5.0


Receive all seven flashcards designed by our trainers with our delegates in mind.

  • Revise for the Leading SAFe exam
  • Learn more about SAFe
  • Handy reminders for your SAFe implementation

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