Virtual agile coaching for distributed teams

As the world of work changes and we take advantage of digital technologies, many business models are now based on distributed teams of people. Whilst working in a virtual environment, this still requires real people to work together, collaboratively, to achieve common goals. The physical environment may have changed but the opportunities and challenges presented by real people working together remain the same.



Agile teams or, rather, teams of people using agile principles and practices to help them work more effectively together are now commonplace. Agile principles were first formulated into a manifesto some two decades ago. The first line of the Agile Manifesto makes it clear that it is individuals and their interactions with others which are more important than the processes they follow and the tools they use. Not surprisingly, people can often forget this and place the emphasis on agile frameworks, but that’s another subject. It also states that face to face communications are the most effective.

In the past two decades we have seen a transformation of society on many levels due to the proliferation of digital technologies which has changed expectations around interactions and significantly disrupted many established practices. This includes teams of people working together. Digital technologies, however, don’t – at least not yet – overcome the obstacles we have in understanding and collaborating towards goals. People still need help, to introduce and support better ways of working, so there is still a need for expert coaching and interventions to help make this happen.

Agile coaching still works for distributed teams, even in a virtual, digital environment. There needs to be a commitment to using good quality audio-visual equipment, to make sure tools don’t get in the way. Modern video conferencing using services such as Zoom further support this, especially having the ability for face-to-face, small group and whole team conversations. Protocols and disciplines are adapted, to make sure people are reading the signals that face-to-face communications naturally support.

Agility in Mind has provided agile coaching for distributed teams over many years and across many parts of the world. This compliments the live virtual training we provide, the effectiveness of which has been rigorously measured for thousands of delegates. Indeed, we’ve perfected an approach that demonstrates working in a virtual environment is as good as, if not better than in some areas, working in a physical environment.

“This is the first true LVC I’ve attended
and I was impressed at how well it was run and there
was good use of technology such as breakout rooms and polls”

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