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Our Coach the Agile Coach service is crucial for agile leaders in enabling agile team members to identify the pain in their systems, create plans for improvement and then have the skills to follow through. Great scrum masters or agile project managers coach their agile teams to develop an environment of continuous improvement and learning. This service develops agile coaching skills in these leadership roles to enable better team understanding, disseminate the knowledge and responsibility amongst team members to create better products.

Popularised by Team Sky and the British 2012 Olympics successes, the concept of successive marginal gains is the application of ongoing coaching to create small improvements that compound into sustained higher levels of performance. The Coach the Agile Coach service helps the agile leader ensure that feedback loops, inherent within agile ways of working, are effective and lead to that winning formula of a succession of marginal gains.

Coach the Agile Coach service will implement tools to:

  • Identify bottlenecks and constraints in current ways of working.
  • Lead root-cause analysis of impediments and blockers.
  • Create and implement improvement action plans.
  • Create a culture of continuous learning and improvement.
  • Empower and engage the whole agile team.
  • Create alignment and get started.

Working with Agility in Mind will mean:

  • Faster adoption of agile principles and frameworks.
  • Developing leadership capability.
  • Getting alignment and buy-in to improvements quicker.
  • Building and releasing better product sooner.

Coach the Agile Coach service can be initiated quickly due to Agility in Mind’s unique and highly flexible delivery model.

Coach the Agile Coach Case Study References:

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