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Introduction to JIRA Agile and Scrum Reporting

Agility in Mind provides a service to help with JIRA agile and Scrum reporting for projects and product development. Many teams miss the opportunity to use the metrics collected in their JIRA environment, which could be very useful to help them inspect and adapt the way they work. Tapping into this rich data can give a wealth of insight into team performance and effectiveness and show the impact of change as the team commits to continuous improvement. Although the data exists it can be hidden away if teams and individuals don’t know how to use the reporting tools.

This service from Agility in Mind will help if you are:

  • Not getting what you need from the standard JIRA agile reports?
  • Looking to use data to help you scrum team perform better?
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We look at the data that JIRA records to produce a series of metrics, more powerful that the standard JIRA reports. These metrics can reveal patterns of behaviour that are stopping the team from performing as well as they could be. Agility in Mind can use the metrics to complete a review and identify areas for further investigation.

How it works

  1. Provide us access to the JIRA Sprint Summary report, either on site or remotely. There needs to be a minimum of four completed sprints of data available to us for each team we are to review.
  2. We perform our data analysis and identify areas for further investigation. We would then hold a series of interviews and discussions to get the background to the data patterns.
  3. We will propose ways forward to address the issues and improve the performance of the teams concerned. This may include recommendation for training or for coaching support.


  • Provide deeper analysis in specific areas.
  • Each report is designed to highlight if an aspect of scrum is working well.
  • Expert analysis so that you can see ‘the wood for the trees’.
  • Action plan on how to improve.

This service can be used as part of JIRA team coaching and further supported by JIRA for Agile Teams training.

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