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JIRA team coaching is a consultancy service designed to help teams better configure and use JIRA to support Scrum or Kanban agile frameworks. How tools are implemented can either enhance or sabotage your teams’ adoption of Scrum or Kanban. Successful teams have their tools work for them rather than working for the tool. Jira Software (by Atlassian) is one of the leading and most widely used tools for supporting Scrum or Kanban approaches to agile. Many teams start with out-the-box functionality which is fine for training purposes, but when a team actually uses JIRA day to day, they outgrow the standard setup within weeks or months at most.  Additionally, out-the-box functionality does not necessarily scale for multiple teams.


Introduction to JIRAJira team coaching has the following key activities:

  • Team workshops with all the team to ensure there is an understanding of the Jira principles and vocabulary.
  • Ongoing coaching to help the team implement effective tool usage.
  • Configuration and board management to help with scaling and growth.

Helping the team navigate early challenges with Jira is key to adoption and success:

  • How do we organise our backlog?
  • When should I create an epic, story and task?
  • How do I get progress metrics such as CFD or burn charts?
  • How can I create a meaningful dashboard?
  • Can I adjust the columns on my board?

Trusted partner

Our Jira team coaches have extensive experience of implementing Jira solutions with agile teams, in many different types of organisations.

The Jira team coaching service satisfies two key needs for successful implementation:

  1. Relevant practical experience.
  2. Joint problem solving leading to options and outcomes.


Working with Agility in Mind on Jira team coaching will mean:

  • Faster implementation of Jira to support Scrum or Kanban.
  • Proficiency in tool usage.
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes.

Our Jira team coaching service is available immediately and flexibly to suit the demands of your agile team. Get in touch today, to provide your team with the coaching they need. We also deliver the following additional services for teams:

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