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Scrum Team Coaching Overview

Scrum team coaching helps make the transition to Scrum easier for development teams and those in new roles such as scrum master or product owner. For organisations and teams that have limited resource or lack of specific agile experience to help transfer knowledge, scrum team coaching becomes an invaluable fast track method to get the foundations of Scrum up and running efficiently and effectively. Scrum team coaching also helps to instil a new culture that must be established alongside applying the framework.


Scrum team coaching has the following key activities:

  • Team workshops with all the stakeholders to ensure there is an understanding of the whole Scrum framework, the roles and the responsibilities.
  • Event guidance – monitoring framework events (planning, daily scrums, review and retrospective) to ensure that best practice is adhered to.
  • Individual role coaching – supporting product owners and scrum masters in their new positions.

Helping the scrum team navigate early challenges is key to adoption and success:

  • Who attends each of the meetings?
  • When do we create the architecture?
  • How much backlog do we need before we start?
  • How do we get everything tested within a sprint?
  • What does “the definition of done” mean?
  • When will we deliver?
  • How do we know were doing well?

Trusted partner

Our scrum team coaches are role models who have “been there and done that”, in many different types of organisations and at all levels of the business. Agility in Minds agile scrum team coaches offer timely, context specific Scrum coaching advice drawn from experience, wisdom and best practice, relevant to the problem and the specific needs of the individual, team or business.

Our scrum team coaching service satisfies three key needs of scrum teams:

  1. Relevant practical experience (sharing specific examples of successes and tales from the trenches).
  2. Broad perspective of business domains.
  3. Joint problem solving leading to options and outcomes.


Working with Agility in Mind on scrum team coaching will mean:

  • Faster adoption of agile principles and the Scrum framework.
  • Better decision making.
  • Proficiency in their roles faster.
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes.
  • Success in developing and retaining talent.

Our scrum team coaching service is available immediately and flexibly to suit the demands of your agile team. Get in touch today, to provide your team with the coaching they need.

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