Agile Product Management Assessment

Agile Product Management Assessment overview

Make sure that you’re building the best possible product in the best possible way with our Agile Product Management Assessment service. Product teams that are not innovative in the way they work, are not likely to be building innovative products – and you don’t want to be the last to find out!


An Agile Product Management Assessment has the following activities:

  • An assessment of current agile product management practices, identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Analysing the value chain, to ensure that everyone is aligned to building the right thing.
  • Evaluating role and department interactions, especially those supporting decision making.
  • An action plan for implementing changes needed.

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Working with Agility in Mind on an Agile Product Management Assessment will mean:

  • Making sure the products you build support the strategic ambition of the organisation.
  • Problems that get in the way of consistently delivering quality product are avoided or resolved.
  • More efficient working practices are implemented, reducing waste.
  • Increased speed of valuable product to market.
  • Greater understanding of roles and accountabilities pertaining to product development.

From simply building confidence to improving the way you interact with your customers, agile product management assessments needn’t take long and the benefits are quickly realised. Get in touch to schedule your Agile Product Management Assessment and create a future of innovation.

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