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Having a development team assigned and a really great product backlog is only one piece of the jigsaw to starting a new product development with a Scrum or Kanban team. Sure, you could just get started and hope the team gel, however, when the tester falls out with the IOS developer, productivity will suffer and that ultimately affects the value the team delivers. Why leave it to chance hoping that the team navigates from forming to performing? Agility in Mind can lead a team through initial start-up ensuring good foundations are laid to help the team collaborate and grow.

Bootstrap team start-up activities

The bootstrap team start-up service has the following key activities focused on rapidly establishing team dynamics and essential practices to support successful agile teams:

  • Building trust and creating relationships – long established research indicates that teams with strong levels of trust can navigate conflict easily, are less likely to cover up mistakes and more likely to work together to solve challenging issues.
  • Definition of Done & Ready – defining the quality standard for when a backlog item is ready to start and when it’s done creates transparency across the team and ensures the whole team is working to the same quality benchmark.
  • Team Chartering – defining a common purpose is another established technique for building intrinsically motivated teams. Additionally, agreeing standards of conduct, values and team norms readily lays down a foundation for collaboration.
  • System metaphor – agility also applies to architecture. The team need enough to get started but not so much that it turns into its own phase. The team will define the initial architecture, tech stack and modules. They will also identify any tools and automation they will need once started.
  • Communication – there are many communication channels available to teams from chat and email, to wiki’s and whiteboards. Without a plan and agreement vital information can quickly become lost or over whelming.
  • Skills review – agile teams thrive on cross functionality. The first step is to ensure that there are sufficient skills in the team to build the product. Where there are gaps, the team will build a plan to address those gaps. Beyond that the team will create plans to break individual silos down and develop individual mastery (T shaped people).

Trusted partner

Our agile coaches have extensive experience of building teams, in many different types of organisations.

The bootstrap team start-up service satisfies key needs for successful implementation:

  1. Relevant practical experience.
  2. Joint problem solving leading to options and outcomes.


Working with Agility in Mind on bootstrapping your teams start-up will mean:

  • Fast start-up of your agile team support Scrum or Kanban product development.
  • Ability to self-manage and self-correct.
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes.

Our bootstrap team start-up service is available immediately and flexibly to suit the demands of your agile team. Get in touch today, to provide your team with the coaching they need.

Combine with our product idea to product backlog service to ensure your high performing team is applying its superior productivity on the right product ideas.

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