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Successful products require alignment between the commercial proposition, product idea and product delivery. By taking an agile product management approach, we align all three, so that commercial hypotheses are quickly realised and evaluated.

At the heart of agile product management is the encapsulation of the commercial proposition into a well-formed product vision and roadmap and realised in a well-aligned product backlog. However, this stage in agile product management is often found to be inadequate, because it is either excessively long or poorly formed. The direct result is an impact on the expected return on investment or loss of opportunity.

Working across many sectors and diversity of client organisations, Agility in Mind has used its agile product management experience to transform product delivery, getting investments off to an effective start or recovering those that have gone off the tracks. This experience is now encapsulated in the Product Idea to Product Backlog service, to allow any organisation to quickly realise the benefits. Get in touch today.

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The Product Idea to Product Backlog service gets you started off on the right foot so you’ll spend more time delivering and less time dithering by:

  • Aligning the team and stakeholders behind an outcome-based product vision.
  • Ideating around key features for the users and the business.
  • Understanding value and risk across the backlog.
  • Estimating, forecasting and planning initial releases (MVP and beyond).
  • Creating strategies for ongoing maintenance of the product backlog.
  • Accelerating start-up of the agile product development team.

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Working with Agility in Mind on Product Idea to Product Backlog will mean:


  • Validating product ideas faster – qualifying-out bad ideas earlier, saving time and effort.
  • Getting alignment and buy-in to ideas faster – fewer politics, more product.
  • Building and releasing better product sooner – building lasting customer engagement.

Our Product Idea to Product Backlog service can be organised and completed quickly due to Agility in Mind’s unique and highly flexible delivery model. Get in touch today, to transform your agile product management capability.

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