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How do you know you are building a product that your users want and love? How can you communicate the possible future of the product without forming commitments to long range ideas? Agility in Mind can provide expert coaching and support to product managers and product owners to ensure they have confidence that their strategy will build the right product and also to be able to communicate a compelling future to their customer and stakeholders.

Product Strategy

Over the last half decade Agility in Mind has been developing its product flight path model to demonstrate how product strategy should flow from the organisational strategy into the implementation teams. Key to creating the right focus in the product is ensuring this alignment.

The Flightpath A4

Through coaching and facilitated workshops your product team will develop:

  • Flight path alignment – ensuring the product outcomes are aligned with organisational strategy.
  • Vision – ensuring the product has a clearly articulated vision to ensure all stakeholders and implantation teams are clear on the purpose of the product.
  • Lifecycle – creating understanding of where your product is in its lifecycle and ensuring appropriate approaches are considered. New product attracting early adopter’s vs retiring a declining product. <<crossing the chasm image>>
  • KPIs & data points – taking measurements to apply an empirical approach to product development takes the guess work out of steering a product to success. Identifying what success is looks like for your product and how it can be measured will ensure a robust approach to your product. <<link to data points white paper>>
  • MVPs and releases – an MVP approach will reduce risk when entering a new product area or expanding an existing product to a new one. Understanding the difference between an MVP, a beta release and release one will increase product alignment with user needs and reduce the probability of building the wrong idea.

Road mapping

A common pitfall with a product road map is drawing up a Gantt chart with key dates and features. While this might be ok for complicated projects with reasonably well known, and defined up front requirements. As teams move into the complex space with ever evolving products based on continuous feedback and data, longer range ideas are about as firm as water.

The Complexity of Software Development

Trusted partner

Our agile coaches have extensive experience of building product strategy and roadmaps, in many different types of organisations.

The product strategy and roadmap service satisfies key needs for successful product development:

  1. Relevant practical experience.
  2. Joint problem solving leading to options and outcomes.
  3. Practical on the job application.


Working with Agility in Mind on product strategy and roadmap will mean:

  • Fast alignment of product with organisational outcomes.
  • Strategy applicable to your current lifecycle.
  • Communicable product roadmap.
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes.

Our product strategy and roadmap service is available immediately and flexibly to suit the demands of your product team. Get in touch today, to provide your team with the coaching they need.

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