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If you or your team need to sharpen up your skills, agile training courses from Agility in Mind will help you improve your knowledge, debunk the myths, and leave the training knowing what to do next.

All of our trainers have significant experience in delivering products using agile techniques, and will be happy to adapt our agile training courses to address the particular difficulties you are facing. We have our own portfolio of agile courses as well as certified and accredited training from and BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. Find out more about our schedule of training courses.

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Public, open 
agile training courses

Each course is organised on a regular basis through a public schedule at excellent training facilities therefore providing regular open access.
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Private, on-site agile
training courses

This type of course is run for teams in organisations at their own premises, especially relevant to an agile transformation or enhancing existing practices.
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Online agile training
courses in live virtual classrooms

Live virtual classrooms provide an online agile training experience, proven globally, therefore, fitting any modern enterprise.
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Training Courses

Introduction to Agile Training Course

Introduction to Agile training course is a one-day kick-starter to help people begin or re-establish an agile approach to getting things done. It covers the intention behind agile ways of working and the most common techniques that people are likely to encounter when working in or alongside agile...
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Business Agility Training Course

Our business agility training course explores how agile techniques can deliver a competitive advantage, and the practical steps needed to exploit them. Delegates have the opportunity to evaluate the capabilities that their organisation will need to avoid being disrupted and thrive in a rapidly...
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Introduction to Scrum Training Course

This is a two-day training course that explores the intent and practice of the Scrum framework; a simple process designed to help manage the complex work of software product delivery. It’s great for teams that are about to start up with Scrum or established teams that want to tighten up on their...
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Professional Scrum Master Training Course

Professional Scrum Master Training Professional Scrum Master training course is a two-day course that allows experienced practitioners to consolidate their knowledge, learn advanced techniques and share their experiences in leading agile teams. With improved understanding of core scrum principles...
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Professional Scrum Product Owner Training

Professional Scrum Product Owner Training The Professional Scrum Product Owner training course is a two-day course leading to the PSPO I certification. It allows experienced practitioners to consolidate their knowledge, learn advanced techniques, and share their experiences in leading their...
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Professional Scrum Foundations Training Course

Professional Scrum Foundations Training The Professional Scrum Foundations training course is a  two-day course which prepares individuals or teams for using Scrum effectively. The Scrum framework, mechanics, and roles within Scrum are experienced directly through a simulation: delegates...
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Effective Product Owner Training Course

Learn how to lead the planning, development, release and growth of valuable products that users love to use. Effective product owner is a two-day workshop that helps anyone begin or expand their role as leaders who are accountable for optimising the long-term value of digital products.
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Effective Scrum Master Training Course

Learn how to lead teams and organisations to improve their product delivery capability in this two-day practitioner-level workshop. Effective Scrum Masters do much more than book the meeting room for sprint planning; this course will allow new and existing Scrum Masters to develop strategies to...
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Putting Scrum into Action

Putting Scrum into Action is aimed at teams with little or no prior knowledge of Scrum, who need to know how to put it into action. Delegates take part in a simulation to build a fully functional website using Scrum to manage their progress. It’s a great boot-camp style workshop to help teams...
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BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile is a two-day course which provides a broad overview of agile principles, techniques and practices. By the end of the class, delegates are fully briefed on the intent of agile and the language, terminology and choices available to teams. The class does not...
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Behaviour Driven Development Training Course

Overview Our Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) workshop is designed to allow professionals from business and technology backgrounds to learn how to collaborate effectively. It explores the use of BDD as a tool to support the entire software development lifecycle from understanding the...
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Behaviour Driven Development Live Virtual Class

Behaviour Driven Development Live Virtual Class is a special version of our BDD course which is designed to allow professionals from business and technology backgrounds to learn how to collaborate effectively. It explores the use of BDD as a tool to support the entire software development...
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Kanban Training Course - Effective Use of Kanban

If your team works on tasks of any kind at all, then this course will help them to do so more effectively. Unlike other agile or project management frameworks, Kanban is not a process in itself, but a way for empowered teams to create a bespoke process adapted to their specific challenges. This is...
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Agile Product Management Masterclass

Agile Product Management Masterclass is a one day training course for experienced product managers looking to drive innovation, delight customers and deliver business results that truly matter.
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Testing in an Agile Environment

This one-day workshop is designed to help people increase software quality, reduce the need for re-work, and create economical delivery pipelines that support an agile approach. With a focus on collaborative practices such as Behaviour-Driven Development, delegates from a range of backgrounds will...
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Agile Release Planning

Agile Release Planning is a hands-on workshop that helps groups of individuals or whole teams get to grips with how to organise work in to meaningful, practical and manageable releases. The style of the course allows everyone to get involved with seeing how to manage requirements so that they can...
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Agile Business Analysis

The Agile Business Analysis training course helps develop strong agile business analysis skills for business analysts working in an agile environment. This course allows business analysts to discover for themselves the complexities of this often-misunderstood role, by taking a broad, loosely...
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Sales Kanban Training Course

Sales Kanban training course introduces Kanban as a tool for people and teams to achieve better sales performance. The active workshop ensures everyone participates and explores the opportunity to build Kanban foundations in the sales organisation. Emphasis is placed upon practical use of tools...
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Jira for Agile Teams

Unlike technical training that starts with Jira and adapts it to agile, this training course is based on our experience in agile delivery and how we’ve adapted Jira to support this work. While the focus of the course is not to teach agile practices, these techniques will form the basis of the...
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