BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile is a two-day course which provides a broad overview of agile principles, techniques and practices. By the end of the class, delegates are fully briefed on the intent of agile and the language, terminology and choices available to teams. The class does not focus on a specific framework such as Scrum, but instead helps delegates to understand their working practices, identify the specific challenges, and to make an informed choice about the specific flavour of agile that would be most effective.

Agile certification is achieved by taking the BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile exam, online as a one hour closed-book examination via a proctoring (remote invigilation) service. This is booked by delegates at their convenience, after the class.


Learning Objectives

This BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile leaves delegates more confident in five key areas:

  • The rationale and benefits of agile ways of working.
  • The agile manifesto and applying agile principles to real work.
  • The methods and approaches used by agile teams.
  • Agile roles and how they work together.
  • Agile techniques and practices.

Audience, pre-requisites and assumed knowledge

As an agile certification foundation-level course there is no assumed knowledge, and it works well with mixed classes of software developers and the business stakeholders that they might interact with. Typical attendees include:

  • Traditional engineering teams of software engineers, analysts and testers, who are planning to start using agile ways of working.
  • Established teams that are keen to review their working practices and improve their approach.
  • Project managers seeking to adapt to agile roles such as scrum master or product owner.
  • Established or prospective product owners and product managers.
  • Stakeholders or users of products who need a good working relationship with agile teams.

Delivered as a private class, the course is pitched at an appropriate level. For example, experienced teams can quickly re-establish the basics and then spend more time considering the detail of their approach.

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