The High impact team leadership programme is a series of interactive sessions designed to set your team up for success and stand out in the industry.

The learning modules are intended to help your team develop skills that deliver more and move from micro-management to self-management.

Regardless of your role within your team, you play an integral part in this becoming a high-performing team.

Learning Modules

The first session introduces the programme, outlines how to develop a growth mindset, expand the delegate’s sphere of influence, and operate with a bias to action.

Stakeholder management
Understanding stakeholders’ pivotal role in achieving organisational success and fostering positive relationships within and beyond your team.

Goal and objective setting
You will learn to inspire, motivate, and guide your team towards achieving their fullest potential, through exploring the art and science of goal and objective setting. How to move from achieving output to outcomes.

Giving feedback
Feedback is the breakfast of champions. You will learn how to give feedback to enable others to develop.

Coaching is about unlocking the talents of the individual. You’ll learn the art of active listening, asking challenging questions and gaining commitment.

Advanced facilitation
Take your meetings to a new level of participation and decision-making using liberating structures, and design thinking strategies.

High performing teams
Get your team into the flow and perform to their full potential through understanding your own team’s stage of development and applying the appropriate activities such as onboarding, developing trust, and team agreements.

True leadership
True leadership requires you to adapt your leadership style to the circumstance, situation or individual. You’ll learn what it takes to be a servant leader, how much structure your team require and appropriate delegation styles.

Negotiation and Influencing
Within a complex domain, there are many solutions to a problem. You and your team will be required to negotiate on everything from team rules to solutions.  You’ll learn about preparing for, and tactics to use, in a negotiation.

Conflict management
Emotions often run high in teams where people are passionate about their ideas.  You’ll learn how to keep your team in a zone of healthy debate and strategies to use when passion escalates into unhealthy competition.

Final assessment
After completing the course curriculum, you will be asked to show your competency during your final assessment presenting how you have applied the concepts from the course and the results obtained.


Team leaders will be able to identify their leadership styles and learn when to adapt them. Confidently lead and coach high-performing teams, build a culture of trust and accountability, and negotiate better outcomes for your team and stakeholders.

    This Agility in Mind course can be delivered virtually or on-site for private training and can be tailored to your specific requirements. For details contact [email protected].

    There are no pre-requisites for the Agile Team Leadership programme.

    We are a friendly, experienced team of practitioners and we like to provide a personal level of support, before, during and after the class. In preparation for your series of workshops, we listen to the challenges you are currently facing to align our modules for your people.

    • Practical tools to utilise in a range of typical scenarios
    • Recommended resources for each of the modules
    • Live training sessions with online collaboration tools to enable you to work in groups and explore models and concepts.
    • Access to a digital forum,  to give and get help from the cohort.
    • Certificate of completion issued by Agility in Mind

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    We can offer High Impact Team Leadership Programme as a private Live Virtual Classroom for distributed teams. For more information on what we can do for you and your organisation, please enquire.

    Price available upon request.

    Location: Online/ private/ on-site


    Materials Included:

    • Access to Agility in Mind Academy
    • Pre course reading
    • Post course reading
    • Trainers contact information


    Agility in Mind is a great training experience for me. I am very thankful for all the support provided during the course and all the useful information for my successful exam preparation and passing the exam. The constant support, open communication, site useful content, structured trainings are definitely great ingredients for …

    Natalia Cosman

    The Live Virtual Classroom was easy to use and has a lot of fun functionality to make the course interesting and interactive for participants


    The trainer delivered a 2-day-long Professional Scrum Product Owner course as a live virtual class to me and a group of colleagues and he did an absolutely amazing job. The course was full of great, eye-opening thoughts that put a lot of things in perspective and a lot of great practices that are actually useful in our day-to-da…


    We had a lot of open discussions and had great, interactive group activities. The trainer not only managed to deliver in a virtual environment but actually took it to the next level, like using a graphic tablet to underline or circle in key phrases on a slide live. Seems like a small thing, but it actually gives a lot of value

    Everything was good, she has organized everything and the session was consist of good materials, slides and team working tools which kept us focused on the session. Her communication is excellent and had a good presentation and good delivery. I learnt alot and enjoyed this traninng, Thank you!


    it is my first online class, but the tool like Mural is very helpful for team discussion, very effective as online class


    Well paced and good timings. Good, clear delivery from the trainer with a good use of tools and slides available. Core content covered well and good linkage with our organisation/field of work


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    Building confidence in new ways of working and inspiring change


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