Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop

The Liberating Structures Immersion workshop is a one-day workshop that allows Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Delivery leads to learn how to help your team be the best team they can be. One of the major factors of accountability is the part you play in helping teams communicate, collaborate, and agree on actions together. With over 30 different approaches in the Liberating Structures collection, You will recognise that just one form of facilitation does not work for all situations and how you can best help everyone to participate, feel heard, and come to a common agreement in a variety of circumstances.


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Agility in Mind is a great training experience for me. I am very thankful for all the support provided during the course and all the useful information for my successful exam preparation and passing the exam. The constant support, open communication, site useful content, structured trainings are definitely great ingredients for …

Natalia Cosman

The Live Virtual Classroom was easy to use and has a lot of fun functionality to make the course interesting and interactive for participants


The trainer delivered a 2-day-long Professional Scrum Product Owner course as a live virtual class to me and a group of colleagues and he did an absolutely amazing job. The course was full of great, eye-opening thoughts that put a lot of things in perspective and a lot of great practices that are actually useful in our day-to-da…


We had a lot of open discussions and had great, interactive group activities. The trainer not only managed to deliver in a virtual environment but actually took it to the next level, like using a graphic tablet to underline or circle in key phrases on a slide live. Seems like a small thing, but it actually gives a lot of value

Everything was good, she has organized everything and the session was consist of good materials, slides and team working tools which kept us focused on the session. Her communication is excellent and had a good presentation and good delivery. I learnt alot and enjoyed this traninng, Thank you!


it is my first online class, but the tool like Mural is very helpful for team discussion, very effective as online class


Well paced and good timings. Good, clear delivery from the trainer with a good use of tools and slides available. Core content covered well and good linkage with our organisation/field of work


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This workshop provides delegates with practical experience in the use of liberating structures to facilitate events, helping them to take their agile coach or scrum master facilitation to the next level. In this session, delegates will learn:

  • The benefits of liberating structures
  • How liberating structures work in agile or scrum events
  • How to adapt liberating structures to a virtual environment
Audience, pre-requisites and assumed knowledge

The course is especially useful for people working in an agile coach or scrum master role, and for team facilitators who want to create a more inclusive dynamic during meetings and events.

Typical attendees include:

Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, or delivery leads who have a desire to improve their current practices and who are interested in learning how liberating structures can help them, and their teams improve.

Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop Content

Introducing liberating structures.
We explore what liberating structures are and the main benefits of them. Explore how liberating structures differ from other meeting styles.

Simulated Scrum events.
The workshop is themed around the review and retrospective events to enable participants to see how the liberating structures may augment their own events.

Liberating structures in practice
In this session, we practice 7 different liberating structures to give attendees the confidence to apply them to their own situation and confidence to explore more from the catalog.

Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop Outcomes

Delegates leave with practical experience of using liberating structures in an agile team environment and applying them to their events.

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Remote Training

We can offer Liberating Structures Workshop as a private Live Virtual Classroom for distributed teams. For more information on what we can do for you and your organisation, please enquire.

Private team training

    This Agility in Mind course can be delivered virtually or on-site for private training and can be tailored to your specific requirements. For details contact

    The Agility in Mind Approach

    We are a friendly team of practitioners, and we like to provide a personal level of support, before, during, and after the Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop:

    • Pre-course reading is designed to expose questions so that they can be explored in class.
    • Contact details allow delegates to ask questions to the trainer before and after the class.
    • Access to a comprehensive set of guidance after the course so that delegates can apply what has been learned.
    • Digital course effectiveness surveys with results sent out to delegates and sponsors straight after the class.


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