Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced

PSPO-A is a two-day course leading to the PSPO II certification. It’s a highly interactive workshop allowing established product owners to explore advanced techniques and reconsider the roles they play in working with teams and stakeholders.

This certified class includes up to two free attempts at the PSPO-II assessment, and a discount on PSPO-III. Delegates take a multiple choice assessment after the class, leading to a permanent qualification with no renewal fees.

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This PSPO-A training course is designed to leave delegates more confident in five key areas:

    1. How to understand the needs of customers and represent them to developers
    2. How to develop a compelling strategy and lead the realisation of your vision
    3. How to innovate effectively through experimentation and validation
    4. How to demonstrate good governance and budgeting practice while maintaining agility
    5. How to influence stakeholders effectively
Course Content

The stances of the product owner
The product owner role is often misunderstood, or is too focused in a narrow area such as writing requirements or accepting work. We’ll open up the possibilities of the role and help attendees identify areas to grow into, such as developing long-term strategy or operating effectively at a senior level.

The customer representative
We’ll review a range of techniques that can help get into the mindset of the customer and create products that people will want to use. Techniques will include tips on talking to customers, visualising user information, and connecting product features to customer outcomes.

The visionary
An effective product owner looks beyond the work for the next 2-3 sprints, and has a vision for the future. We’ll review techniques for developing a compelling and inspiring strategy, and then to take the lead in executing that strategy. This will include:

  • Story telling
  • Expressing a vision
  • Representing the product backlog and roadmaps
  • Measuring value
  • Pricing strategies

The experimenter
A key part of optimising the value of a product is to allow space for innovation and experimentation. We’ll explore some structures to allow innovation to take place through hypothesis driven development techniques. Case study examples of product experimentation will highlight the benefits of allowing time to try out ideas, with clear parameters to evaluate the results.

The decision maker
The product owner role is a political one, and often involves making decisions that please some but not others. We’ll discover how to make better decisions, communicate those decisions as effectively as possible.

The collaborator
There is often a perceived conflict between agility and good governance or budget responsibility. We’ll see how a product owner can collaborate effectively with sponsors and budget holders, including:

  • Governance in agile environments, and the effect of professionalism in scrum
  • Budgeting in agile environments, including rolling wave forecasts
  • Contracting in agile environments, including as time and materials, shared risk, or fixed price

The influencer
Understanding and managing stakeholders is a key skill for product owners. We’ll explore a range of approaches and models that will help you to:

  • How to identify the real stakeholders
  • Creating an effective strategy on an individual basis
  • How to say ‘no’ effectively
Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced Outcomes

Delegates will leave with a wealth of new ideas and techniques to try, but most significantly they will have re-evaluated the role that they currently play and how they can be more effective moving forward.

    This Agility in Mind course can be delivered virtually or on-site for private training and can be tailored to your specific requirements. For details contact [email protected].

    The Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced training course is intended for practising product owners who want to review their practices and identify ways to significantly improve their approach. Knowledge of the Scrum framework and basic product ownership techniques are assumed. Typical attendees include:

    • Product owners with experience leading product development.
    • Scrum masters who want to provide expert support and mentoring to product owners.
    • Programme managers, portfolio managers, delivery managers, heads of department, and other senior leaders who need to learn how to effectively support their Scrum teams or product departments.

    When delivered as a private class, the course may be pitched at an appropriate level. For example, experienced teams can quickly re-establish the basics and then spend more time considering the detail of their approach.

    We are a friendly team of practitioners and we like to provide a personal level of support, before, during and after the class:

    • Pre-course reading designed to expose questions so that they can be explored in class.
    • Contact details allowing delegates to ask questions to the trainer before and after the class.
    • Access to a comprehensive set of guidance after the course so that delegates apply what has been learnt.
    • Digital course effectiveness surveys with results sent out to delegates and sponsors straight after the class.

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    We can offer Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced as a private Live Virtual Classroom for distributed teams. For more information on what we can do for you and your organisation, please enquire.

    £950 per person
    (£950 + VAT)

    Location: Online

    Duration: 2 days

    Course Level: advanced


    Materials Included:

    • Access to Agility in Mind Academy
    • Pre-course reading
    • Post course reading
    • Practise questions
    • Trainers contact information


    The course was very well paced and felt achievable, with enough breaks and varied tasks that it was easy to concentrate over the 2 days. It was great working in small groups, which meant everyone got to contribute to conversation – where some people never like to talk in the wider group. Duncan was very knowledgable and wa…


    the course material is good, exercises were good, interface with the virtual whiteboard is good, conversations and discussions were good, being directed to further reading


    Instructor provided insight into various ways of thinking which was useful. Was very useful and interesting to interact with people not from the same company but in a related industry


    Very in-depth course with Duncan Evans from His knowledge and experience in subject matter and content was fantastic. He was available for any questions and facilitate great discussion points around topics raised. I highly recommend doing the PSPO-A course and highly recommend

    Berenike Solman

    I liked the way Duncan listened to everyone’s views and never made anyone feel like they were ‘wrong’


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