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Sales Kanban training course introduces Kanban as a tool for people and teams to achieve better sales performance. The active workshop ensures everyone participates and explores the opportunity to build Kanban foundations in the sales organisation. Emphasis is placed upon practical use of tools rather than theoretical complexity, getting away from the hype and achieving immediate insight into current practices.

For any sales teams, the objective is to use limited resource to achieve the goal of closing a deal. Efficiency and effectiveness in the sales process is key, so identifying knowledgable and precious resource at the crucial points in the process makes it most effective. This means collaboration, communication, evaluation and execution. Becoming focused upon the tasks required to move opportunities through the sales pipeline requires discipline and using techniques such as kanban boards keeps the dialogue honest. And every great sales team uses metrics to measure performance, so identifying which metrics are going to be most useful to measure and and drive towards success is vital.


At the heart of the course is a simulation in a sales environment, which provides the opportunity to identify many of the obstacles people and teams face in organisations and ways to address them.

Content delivered by consultants with real-world experience of implementation means that everyone attending the course remains engaged for the whole session.


  • Kanban in action
  • Kanban, Lean and Agile principles
  • Process modelling
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Exit Criteria
  • Making improvements
  • Qualification
  • Closure
  • Tools to make things visible
  • Making the transition to Kanban
  • Continuous improvement

Outcomes of Sales Kanban

Teams and individuals achieve clear outcomes:

  • Ownership of current and future sales process
  • Understanding what to measure and how
  • Identified opportunities to eliminate waste
  • Confidence in continuous improvement
  • Tools to make things visible

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