Testing in an Agile Environment

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Whilst there are many ways to do testing technically on a project, Testing in an Agile Environment focuses on the more social side of testing – who testers need to interact with and when, where they are needed in the agile project lifecycle and how their remit extends beyond simple quality control. The course is ideal for those new to testing in an Agile environment, whether they are in the QA role or if they work with Agile teams.


The course is based around a non-technology based process simulation which drives the attendees to ask questions about where quality starts, who is responsible for it and how it can be continually improved. It leaves everyone with an excellent understanding of why testing is different in an Agile environment to a traditional environment, what’s expected, who’s responsible for what and how it needn’t be hard to get right.


  • Starting off on the right foot, what to look out for before we begin
  • Why a clear, shared vision needs to be understood by all
  • Roles and responsibilities of the tester in relation to others on the team
  • Requirements and acceptance criteria
  • A brief, non-technical introduction to Behaviour Driven Development
  • Planning and it’s relevance to testing
  • Risk and non-functional requirements


Teams and individuals achieve clear outcomes:

  • Thorough understanding of the role of the tester in an Agile environment
  • When, where and how testers should be involved
  • Where to find improvements in quality and what to do about it
  • Testing non-functional requirements
  • How to influence planning and risk management to improve quality
  • How to focus on requirements as well as the finished product
  • Reducing waste by avoiding problems before they occur

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